Alternative Pride shows off a different style of drag

Alternative Pride shows off a different style of drag
Alternative Pride shows off a different style of drag
It’S so fancy. I literally like I feel great when I look like that: it’s not a costume, it’s an Avenue of expression that I’m using to forcefully take feminine traits and just messing them together and turning them into this new entity. No one seen which is usually my goal: I want to create something that forces people to thing or something he’ll large person in a red dress on stage doing Barbra Streisand covers different than any other great. We have their whole RuPaul phenomenon, but we need something to counteract. We need to see that. That’S not what everybody wants to look like and that’s not the only way to do it and do it as a living Pride shows. I find typically the audience’s can a regular programming. Is this like beautiful group of 100 and however many people that come every second week or so fortunate to have such a giving and forgiving audience when we make mistakes? Hey Chad, like just a hodgepodge of weirdos all-in-one, face every you know: 500 people that really liked what we do here, there’s always going to be five. Jones, and you know that I love it when people don’t understand what I’m doing I love when it quite me. People have to question it. I love when the door it’s. You know. I love everything in between, because the effect was there. I’Ve always thought of it. As someone who sees me looking like, I do and then ATC some young career person with pink hair or mint, are you know, and they won’t feel so shocked by it or taken aback by it, because they’ve seen how far people can go with her expression and How they can dressed and realizing that you know, I know you, think, that’s crazy.
Alternative Pride in B.C. is showing off a different style of drag. Popular non-binary performer Continental Breakfast has organized a set of events in Vancouver to show people that there are different styles to the art form than the one made mainstream by RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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