Amazon ‘climate pledge’, Trump punishes San Francisco over homeless crisis

Amazon ‘climate pledge’, Trump punishes San Francisco over homeless crisis
Amazon ‘climate pledge’, Trump punishes San Francisco over homeless crisis
Today we are announcing the climate pledge pledge is to meet the goals of the Paris agreement 10 years early by 20 4, or committing to be at 80 % renewable energy by 2030. We’Re committing to be at 100 % renewable energy million-dollar reforestation plan, a new order for a hundred thousand electric delivery Vans and a pledge to power its Global infrastructure by 100 % renewable energy by 2030 NC weather for nearly a thousand Amazon employees are planning to walk Off the job in protest of the companies in action on climate change as former EPA official Mandy, it still is it better for private business to take this on, instead of relying on government regulation for a long time, there’s a delicate balance between the federal government’s setting Forth expectations, but doing so with a close relationship and a a good understanding of how the companies in the industries that’s impact, actually work. That’S where the role of CEO is making these type of decisions, often times they’re much better suited to make those decisions to ensure that they don’t undermine their business or undermine the services that they bring to their consumers. You can argue about whether this is a good bottom line, move for Amazon or not, but it is involuntary movement going back to the Chevy Volt discontinued under the new delivery vehicles. They’Ve invested in that company, that is creating those Vehicles. David’S point isn’t essentially the private sector, the best mechanism, the only mechanism that can actually address these missions problems if they affect our problems. Private sector is the best at producing the most efficient solutions to reducing emissions. We seen this play out in a number of applications. Already one of them is advances in the hydraulic fracturing business because of those advancements he seen explosive. The natural gas industry, which is the real reason that the United States leads the world in emission reduction and that wasn’t the product of regulatory requirements coming down from the federal government. It was a combination of a market that encourages in a Ben and desire of companies to produce that in a meaningful way. I’M here under Obama, the EPA was supposedly the greatest organization on North now under Trump, because everytime they get rid of a regulation. The great polluters, how does like the EPA handle Obama era, era, regulation, and I think that maybe just doing their job well, the problem at the Obama era. Epa regulations – is that a lot of them were unjustified and they had this mentality of regulating. For the sake of regulating, where is under the Trump Administration, the president that has directed The Agency to look at these regulations and figure out what is working in terms of producing the type of environmental-protection that’s expected and what is not, and so in pairing back regulation. Even maintaining important protections but he’s been saving money that businesses under Obama were sending to Washington bureaucracies, but now they are investing in their companies to either grow their companies, hire new employees or invest in the latest in Gray technologies. That will get us to the Innovative future we’d like to see in the energy space supportive that Amazon is entering in their own way, the Paris climate Accord. Do you think the US should remove himself from the climate of court? It stays out of the Paris climate Accords, I’m a lot of the problems. Wasn’T it require these top-down expanses, Federal control that would have undermined unleashing the markets in the way that is produced the economic growth? We seem to right that came with high costs. It would have undercut competition and sent American jobs overseas to countries like China and India that really other problem. That requires a clean up by the Environmental Protection Agency. He says the pollution from homeless we’re living on the street there in San Francisco who do use needles and human waste are a threat to public health and safety. What do you make of this 100 % within the president’s purview to step in the federal government has broad sweeping oversight Authority that when local officials are not keeping the environment clean or protecting the public health of their citizens, the federal government can step in and took With putting the state of California on notice that if they don’t clean it up and start taking care of the homeless situation, that is also lending itself to a Public Health crisis where you have the return of once eradicated diseases like leprosy, if they don’t fit problem, He will use the resources, the federal government to help these people and fix a problem for them and good for President Trump, because this is an outrage. California has 12 % of the nation’s population, 50 % of the homelessness, and they are doing absolutely zero to help it. Now you have someone like Bernie Sanders coming out with a housing plan. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at that housing plan, but basically wants the government to provide housing for all Medicare for all, as part of the government now is going to take this over. What we’ve seen in California is it is. It is nothing worse than doing nothing in California to help. The problem on Earth agrees that Bernie Sanders has now proposing rent controls absentee dries down the stock of Housing and make this problem worse. So I say good for President Trump for calling us out. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done in California and that’s what the president is calling them out on. So you support the president now getting involved with State Solutions. Cuz. I think he campaigned that the state should take care of themselves. It’S amazing how we are so Jekyll and Hyde tonight, but I was just curious, is what do you make a bronze Point as more important than Federal rights? Thank you very much for being here.
Former EPA official Mandy Gunasekara weighs in on Amazon’s announcement as well as whether the private sector is better suited than the government to help the environment. The Bulls & Bears panel weighs in on Trump hitting San Francisco with a pollution violation over their homelessness issue.

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