Amber Rudd announces changes to Universal Credit’s 2 child limit

Amber Rudd announces changes to Universal Credit’s 2 child limit
I believe passionately the economic independence liberates women and I will continue to look at what more Universal Credit can do to support them into work. So I believed it was right to limit the number of children for him. Support can be provided through universe. Credit funded by the taxpayer, however retrospectively as it stands for February, will be applied to families applying for UC before the cap was even announced. That is not right, so I can’t today and I’m going to scrap the extension of 2 child limit for children born before April 2017. All children born before that date will continue to be supported by Universal Credit, and that will help approximately 15,000 families a year. A better service everyone we’ve been going to Universal Credit from the old system, greater flexibility on payments, so the benefit fulfills its promise to that individual needs and circumstances more support for women, moving payments to the main Cara, I’m making Child Care payments more accessible and every Child born before April 2017 will now be supported by Universal Credit.
The rule stops families who had two children when it was introduced in April 2017 from receiving benefits of £2,780 a year for each additional baby.But, under plans due to come in next month, the rule was set to be extended to large families with children born before April 2017, which would have hit another 15,000 families. However, Miss Rudd will today say in a speech that the extension is to be axed, as it was ‘not right’. She will add: ‘These parents made decisions about the size of their family when the previous system was the only system in place.’ Miss Rudd’s move comes after the Commons work and pensions committee branded the plans to retrospectively extend the cap as ‘cruel’. Miss Rudd will also confirm a slowdown in the ‘managed migration’ of three million benefit claimants on to universal credit, a controversial system replacing a number of benefits. She is expected to ask MPs to first approve another pilot scheme covering 10,000 people.

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