America bids farewell to George HW Bush – BBC News

America bids farewell to George HW Bush – BBC News
Live pictures coming in as the final Rivals mocked by the arrival of his son, the ex-president schools, George W bush, who will be delivering one of the eulogies at this other presidents, including President Donald Trump, is princesses Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy concert schedule to attend The service this day scene at the Capitol we can bring it on Gary O’Donoghue and Gary. This is a state event and a number will Davis who sang arriving from all over the world of the of the American states on display here today, as you’d expect for a former president, five living presidents will be attending and number of people from around the world. Heads of state, Angela Merkel, is coming from. Bonnie, Prince Charles will be representing the queen. Others like the King of Jordan little Sophie that they will listen to what you said. Pecan course not just as a former President Bush because of the 41st president, Latvia sing a very poignant moment for the nation where, where he tries to innocence, balance those two duties as both former president. Some in that extraordinary moment that we’ll see in the next hour or so you’ll see on display, as you can hear, the various branches of the US military plane, those well-rehearsed and familiar shoes that they do on these occasions. W number of reading whoso from from Bush family members during the service and at the end after it’s all done and dusted, they will transport the coffin from the Washington Angel back to Joint Base Andrews outside of the city and back to Texas for a funeral tomorrow. At the Presidential Library in College Station in Texas, the current President Donald Trump has tweeted in the last half-hour he said looking forward to being with the Bush family. This is not a funeral. This is a day of celebration. For great man distinguish life. He will be missed from a man. These two didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye of a bush senior. That’S he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the election voted for Hillary Clinton biography. We know that indeed – and I don’t know on the campaign Trail Donald Trump really took issue with make funding in many ways of of George Bush Senior during his campaigning day, so they represent, of course, two very, very different branches of of the Republican party. That was very much a sort of an insurgent many wise in his own image. George Bush senior quote representing much more old style, Patrician more conciliatory move bypasses on form of republicanism until I guess, until the late eighties, in the early nineties, things already begun to change the him running Ronald Reagan. It seemed to the accent, even though your generation was the end of George Bush Senior, a definite shift to the right Evangelical influence and then, of course, I went Bill. Clinton became president of the ascendancy of people like Newt Gingrich, in a real, a real place. The Rock by the Republican policy wouldn’t sit easily in the Republican party today Saturday, I’m Gary is the coffin is loaded onto the hearse that we’ve been seeing regular pictures of his son George Bush Junior and his wife Laura, and it’s easy to forget that on a State occasion like this, this is also a family event, the same anyways and intensely public Family Dentistry of political Dynasty. But, oh so this is living out and going through the motions of of a very private event under the glass of the Nations spotlighting on the Nations camera. So it must be a very difficult moment for them to because they they will want to be having their own private thoughts going through their own grief, and they know at the same time that this is a moment. Ceremonies at the nation feels it owns as well and wants to participate in. So that’s why any many ways you the formality helps with this. The ritual of these things give people us unpredictability protest. They consider plottin track that morning and they agree, and then they will get that that moment, that real private moments tomorrow in Texas at a private ceremony in the for the private burial, will be that we something overseas they will. They will cherish very much but very much today. This is, it is in many ways the Nations, the nation’s moment-to-moment, the passing of that 41st president to remember achievements to do so cools think about some of the things he was criticized for and and some and some ways one of the Rarities in the morning are President, who didn’t make a second term in office, Rosanna Davison, Barry key moments in the nation’s history. You think about the the end of the Cold War. He was president when the Berlin Wall came down. He oversaw that procession encouraged than German reunification end of the Gulf War. History under his stewardship. Thank you very much Gary and what will do now is take a special coverage concerning coverage of the funeral of the former US President, George HW Bush.
The Bush family has left the US Capitol.

A military guard carried the former president’s casket down the Capitol steps and placed it inside the hearse.

They are making their way to the National Cathedral, an approximately 20-minute journey.

The route is lined by mourners paying their respects.

A memorial service for ex-President George HW Bush is held at Washington National Cathedral at 11:00 (1600 GMT)

The nation’s 41st president, who died on Friday aged 94, has lain in state since Monday in the rotunda of the US Capitol
Bush’s son, George W Bush, will give a eulogy. The three other living ex-US presidents will attend, and President Trump

Britain’s Prince Charles, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Jordan’s King Abdullah II are among foreign dignitaries

His remains will be buried on Thursday at his presidential library in Texas next to wife, Barbara Bush, who died in April

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