Amy Klobuchar Campaign Launch Emphasizes Democrats’ Midwest Momentum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Amy Klobuchar Campaign Launch Emphasizes Democrats’ Midwest Momentum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Amy Klobuchar Campaign Launch Emphasizes Democrats’ Midwest Momentum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
You know how, when you stand outside, sometimes in really really cold, cold, cold weather and your cheeks get cold and your lips go numb, and then sometimes your talker doesn’t work the way it usually does rotate. I would like to see it as of yesterday. She is the newest candidate in the 2020 Democratic primary Senator. Thank you. Thank you answer, didn’t you, you knew was going to be cold. You have morning people that was going to be happy. When did you know that you were going to have things you were going to have to actually piling up on you? While you know I did not offend, in fact, when I let her watch the clip it felt like, I was watching myself age in 20 minutes. Cuz, my hair got wider and wider and wider, and we didn’t know it’s going to snow that much that day and we had all these big campfires. Actually, it was like some kind of Nordic festival and 5000 cups of cocoa Insider until we tell people 5,000 hand warmers how high that we would having Spain so that if they got cold and I think that helped to get people there. But no one had any idea. I talked to Walter Mondale an hour before he wasn’t in town and he said you’re not doing it. It was just really important to me to announce my candidacy with the people. We have a strong tradition of AD in Minnesota, who go back to Humphrey and Paul wellstone, and also to do it by that River. Not only because the bridge had collapsed and we rebuilt it in this incredible sense of community that we had during that time. But also because I thought it was a symbol of crossing the river of R divides, which Donald Trump, of course has helped create interested to see. You put the bridge collapse really at the sort of emotional heart of the start of your speech in part, because you are a very well-known and beloved figure in Minnesota politics, but least based on the margins by which winning re-election but you’re, not nationally known as soda Put a story: a Minnesota story like that HomeTown Story like that right at the heart of why you’re trying to run, I felt like the idea. There must be that what works in Minnesota can work for the country, and I believe you forkly, but I don’t know what about that. Practical achievement is something that I can imagine these days happening while it wasn’t just about working across the aisle getting that money which we did and we got that bridge. This huge eight-lane Highway almost threw him look like a Bridget, so big, and we got that done in over a year, so it was significant. For me it was just as much about the community. It was about the semi truck driver who died because he veered away. So we wouldn’t hit the school bus. School bus goes down, 30 ft and a school worker gets his kids every one of them off to safety. The off-duty firefighter, who dovinh over and over again in the murky Waters in these submerged cars and trucks, to find survivors, and that was sense of community that I feel, is so fractured right now in our country that we need to bring back other. We need to go across that sturdy bridge to a higher ground, and so for me, the Mississippi River is more than just a river. It really the river that runs through our Heartland, starting a Minnesota through Illinois down to Missouri way down and ends in New Orleans. That city of resilience, so the symbolism of it, was much more than just getting the funding for the which was a great thing and success, but it for me the river stood for more than that, and you mentioned it in announcing that you’re going to run. You talked about from the heartland, I mean, there’s, there’s there’s practical politics there too, and then we’ve got other members of the Senate, who are running already revealed Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. Let Kamala Harris from from California, New Jersey, great people. All of those people are from the edge of the country and you’re running from the center of the country, and it seems to me like that, must have factored into your decision about whether or not because you said you liked all those people. You can’t be that you think that there’s there enough qualified people running now, you think someone needs to run from the middle to Country. I do, and I also think when you look at what happened in this last 2018 election incredible victories in places like Kansas. I was go, get their Democratic dinner, eyewear, Laura Kelly, Kris kobach, going to happen, but she was so strong Wisconsin that we beat Scott Walker. You look at all of the victories in those Congressional races all over the country and how did that was about people unifying a lot of the focus, of course, was pre-existing conditions and other Republicans attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act and kick people off their health Insurance, but we work together as a party and message of that was going on in the Midwest, and we wanted to take back. The spirit of the democratic party in the midwest Minnesota is a great place to start. As you know, we are the democratic-farmer-labor party dfl and that was done to unify our party and I have won every congressional district, including Michele Bachmann’s, every single time. I’Ve run and I’ve also worked really hard to work with people in the world areas so that we don’t have that kind of divide. I was looking back at the Trump Clinton results in your state of Minnesota in 2016 and Hillary Clinton didn’t win. The state narrowly are with her Urban turn out there. You are just said one every congressional district in the state is that, because you have run as a moderate, should people who are just learning about you for the first time see you as a lot of process describing it today, as as a Mormon, are more Centrist Democrat in this field, I think they should see me as a progressive, because I believe in progress and I have worked toward progress. My whole life, whether it was as a county attorney working with the Innocence Project, to bring in a new form of eyewitness ID Intercounty and advocating for videotaped interrogations. I weather is what I did as a senator, where I’ve been on the Frontline pushing for protection of our democracy. You look at what happened in that Clinton Trump race and we’re finding more and more and more about how Russia undermine that election and tried to hack it and put out propaganda. And so those Democratic reforms, including advocating for every young person being able to be registered about when they turn 18, that would be a great Bill to get done. Senator Amy Klobuchar. I would hope that you will stay with us. I have lots of things to ask. You about including things that people are saying about you that are very nice, and things are people saying about you that are not nice on you run for office. I find out that also happens is when you become an adult much to my chagrin. MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos?
Senator Amy Klobuchar talks with Rachel Maddow about the setting of her 2020 presidential campaign announcement and the local parallels with national priorities, and the energy she sees for Democratic candidates in the Midwest.
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Amy Klobuchar Campaign Launch Emphasizes Democrats’ Midwest Momentum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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