Anderson Cooper calls out Sarah Sanders’ promise

well it is July 31st and that gives us an opportunity to point something out the White House has only held three press briefings all month now these things used to be common enough that they were actually called The Daily White House briefing which meant they light now you can call them nearly extinct witch make you’re about to hear kind of odd give it a listen and ask yourself does this sound like a promise we are here we are taking questions we are doing everything we can to provide regular and constant information to the American people there is a responsibility by you guys to provide accurate information and we’re going to continue to try to work with you or she said that May 9th that entire month there were nine White House Press briefings in June just five this month only 3 what was that again we are here we are taking questions we are doing everything we can to provide regular and constant information to the American people everything we can do to provide regular and constant everything they can do for a minute there it sounded like Sarah Sanders was after promising to provide regular and consignee information to the American people ask her why she promised people one thing and is doing the polar opposite but we simply haven’t had the chance because there’s only been briefings this month if you’d like to ask Sarah Sanders about her promised take a number if you’d like to know what prison from thinks and Michael Cummins reported allegation about the Trump Tower Russia meeting get in line if you want to see the president challenged about why the White House lied about the president not being advised with wanting to buy Karen McDougal silent after audiotape shows he actually was sorry you are out of luck and the same goes for false and misleading statements like this one just yesterday the president tweeting a highly-respected federal judge they stated that the administration credit reuniting illegal families thank you and please look at the previous administrations record not good present neglected to point out that the judge also admonished the administration for seriously making orphans out of hundreds of kids but that’s one of the beauties of the Twitter machine that the president’s discovered praise can make up stuff whatever you want and no one can directly challenge you may of last year the person friend to replace press briefings with wooden hand out she said in the name of accuracy and just Weeks Later Anthony scaramucci the new White House communications director of those 10 Glorious Days used to commit to regular briefings is gone but it sure looks like the idea of reducing transparency and accountability is getting traction at the White House today president Trump example left for his trip to Florida this afternoon without saying a word for Porter’s and in case you’re wondering that is part course the exception of a joint appearance alongside Italy’s Prime Minister yesterday the president refuse to answer reporters questions 16 times just the last 6 days thank you thank you mr. president why did you cancel the meeting with Vladimir Putin sir more and more about answering questions and fewer chances to ask them and the meantime the present reportedly dating from work Asians like the one he just finish up night more rallies venues where he can say whatever he wants and hear nothing in return but Applause Virginia concerts in Tampa for us and I joined us now is there any other reason other than why we why the president lied and why the White House why the campaign I should say lied about the president not knowing anything about Karen McDougal in the am I in the deal you’re going to hear some folks here I think letting their feelings be known at this rally here in Tampa about how they feel about CNN but Anderson I think the honest answer to your question is that others whitehouse’s obviously hiding from the Press they are riding the president from the price they’re hiding the press secretary from the price that’s the only conclusion you can come to when they only had five press briefings in the last month of June and only three press briefings this month I mean that is historically at a very low level now I think we should point out that this rally tonight the president went after what he calls fake news even talked about fake poles even though he touted pull that he said that he had seen saying that he was popular Republican president ever it’s it’s hard to understand how you can have fake polls but also tadpoles that show you being popular but Anderson despite the president going after the Press he just hasn’t given us opportunities to ask him very many questions and I think they’re there really is no other reasonable conclusion other than they just don’t like the questions that are going to be a Sprite now you know I’ve been trying to talk to White House aides about this and one of the things that you hear it and they said this before in the past was that well when a person has a speech or when he has an event they don’t want to step on the message of the day while the president had a speech tonight and so there was no press briefing today it is possible they could have one tomorrow Anderson but we just don’t know at this point when the next one might be held so there’s no idea it’s not as scheduled when the next one might be held is possible they could hold one tomorrow but the A’s are being very cagey about it you know one thing I’ll talk about it they have these off camera goggles when the present is traveling down on Air Force One and that’s where to think of various events as you and I both know Anderson that’s not the same as having an on-camera briefing with the press secretary coming into the briefing room you know we used to call them Daily Press briefings they’re barely weekly press briefings anymore and I think I understand the only the only conclusion you can draw at this point is that they just don’t like the questions right now and it’s it it’s amazing Anderson you’re hearing some of the insults big Herald of this right now I’ve been talking to some of these folks are big pretty negative towards this right now I answered a bunch of questions from some of these Trump supporters hear about all sorts of things what were questions to the Presidents taken from us in recent days Anderson
Anderson Cooper discusses the White House only holding three press briefings in the month of July despite press secretary Sarah Sanders promising to provide regular and constant information to the American people.

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