Anderson Cooper dissects Giuliani’s new Trump defense

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Anderson Cooper dissects Giuliani’s new Trump defense
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keeping them honest tonight the President says it never happened never ever but now one of his key Defenders is also saying what sounds a lot like but if it did happen so what and in case you’re wondering yes the subject is Russia and yes those are goalposts being moved moved it seems almost on several fronts start with the one transgression that President Trump is always absolutely positively categorically deny they found with Russia there has been no collusion they won’t find any collusion it doesn’t exist collusion with me in the Russians nobody’s been tougher to Russia there was no collusion no collusion which I knew anyway no coordination no nothing no nothing he says no collusion his response the Revelation his clothes his campaign advisor so I’d Kremlin dirt on Hillary Clinton his response after the House and Senate intelligence committee is released a report on Russian interference his response in fact and nearly any Rush related question the president has ever gotten no clusion if not the two foundational words of his entire Administration then at least the linchpin of his that is until I reporting that is former lawyer in Compton on his now willing to tie the president directly to that meeting with Russians during the campaign now that Michael Cohen’s apparently ready to say the can they Trump knew in advance about what amounts to invest in a tempted clue in or intended collusion or unrequited collusion the line of defense has a new wrinkle moving from never happened to so what if it did which I’m not even upset about Russia Augusta crime sometime again but instead should be looking another 20 yards downfield which I’m not even upset the crime colluding about Russian it’s not that much is true and that’s all there’s no anti colluding with Russians act anywhere in the United it’s cold but there’s plenty on the books about conspiracy or campaign-finance abuses and obstruction of justice not to mention that most would agree it’s just plain wrong if it happened to be secretly scheming with a hostile power it’s a touchy subject perhaps because of that this is not the first time the prisoners Defenders have felt compelled to Define their transgressions and alleged transgressions downward this after election day campaign spokesperson hope Hicks said quote there was no communication between the campaign and any foreign entity during the campaign it never happened she said 3 months later never became to the best of our knowledge there Sanders saying quote this is a non-story because to the best of our knowledge no contacts to place a month later that gave way to meetings yes but no planned meetings Donald Trump jr. New York Times quote did I meet with people that were Russian I’m sure I’m sure I did but none none that were set up and certainly known that I was representing the campaign in any way shape or form of course that was untrue so down filled with the goal post yet again was a planned meeting but it was primarily about adoption there was okay but I was just there as a favor to a friend but I was basically sitting there listening at the courtesy to my acquaintance who had set up the meeting and you know what he said and you played earlier about it I mean that you apologize to me walking out of the meeting specially for wasting my time finally connected Russians promising Intelligence on Hillary Clinton and with these Revelation that followed everyone for the present on downplayed we’re game for the public or just plain lied and now that Michael Cohen may be prepared to say the president had prior knowledge of the meeting the new line is that there was collusion with a hostile foreign power but it’s not a crime which I’m not even including about Russian you might think that this alone would be good day a good days work for Rudy Giuliani but there was more this to say about Michael Cohen to allegation that he knew in advance about to come to our meeting even this Russian meeting I’m having to tell him he wasn’t there he wasn’t at the meeting how do you say the candidate Trump had prior knowledge of the meeting something his son and others have denied repeatedly in the Don Jr and seemingly denied under oath was mr. Giuliani opening up a window ever-so-slightly to the fact that mr. Trump might have known about the meeting but didn’t attend awesome today have suggested that for the reality is we just don’t know we do know we hadn’t heard that distinction before today which is curious to say the least stay with me here cuz from here brought up another meeting when we didn’t even know about when she says the present also did not attend a meeting there apparently happened two days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting he did not display any meeting about the Russian attack in the president the president and the other people at the meeting that he claims he had without the president about it say he was never there so if you’re keeping score a the person was never at the pre-meeting the pre-meeting meeting that Michael Cohen said she was never at and no one was even asking about and be the person was never at the Trump Tower meeting that no one has ever said he was at I’ve got that know where does gold post go again notice how he didn’t really answer the relocation of the present knew in advance about the meeting with the Russians not attended seeing or meeting before the meeting only that he’d been made aware in advance by Don Jr. Just be clear reporting word for word according to sources and I quote Cohen alleges that he was present along with several others when Trump was informed of the Russian czar by Trump jr. Now by Collins account Trump approve going ahead with the meeting with the Russians according to sources would be Giuliani had a lot to say today that much is indisputable whether you actually clear anything up that is not as for the president he went before the cameras and said nothing because this because no one the president chose to ask questions asked him about seeing is going to cost to join just now with more from the White House response to the claim Giuliani was or wasn’t making this morning on television I know Anderson as matter fact I just spoke to the White House official who said that the Press team over here at the White House is not coordinating with Rudy Giuliani in terms of what he says on behalf of the president’s legal team on these various talk show appearances including on new day here on Sia nor can they control with Rudy Giuliani says according to this White House official now this official went on to say Anderson that they cannot say that definitively about what to juliani does in coordination with the White House counsel’s office and of course Anderson you know my past is prologue that the president’s outside legal team has obviously had many conversations with residents inside a council over the last several months and so it is expected that obviously they’re having those kinds of conversations on that end of the White House but to no coordination this official Assange with the frosting that I think that’s a notable you know the White House is putting out there because it’s obviously something that they’re saying at this point that they are not signing off of what were the Juliana says have the president in his legal team on these various talk show appearance how is it that you keep saying that there was there was no collusion when Rudy Giuliani is saying over and over again today that collusion is not a crime Anderson this is the one thing that we’ve heard from the president over and over again presents defender’s over and over again that there was no collusion between the president his campaign and the Russians during the 2016 campaign and so it is very strange it is very odd and curious at all of the sudden out of nowhere Rudy Giuliani would float This legal claim that there’s there’s you know it’s not against the law to collude with the Russians at the end of July in 2018 it’s just very strange and people who have you are familiar with some of the discussions that go on here at the White House has scratch their heads for a while now about what Rudy Giuliani says in these interviews and I think it does lend some Credence to the to the theory out there Anderson that when Rudy Giuliani goes on the air he sort of putting out a fog of confusion about what the president’s legal team is up to what their strategy is just to essentially you know make everybody want to move on and that’s largely what I think Rudy Giuliani was doing today he was he was putting out so many contradictory ComEd saying that question is not a crime or the present is insisting there was no collusion that it’s at some point I think they’re the hope is inside the president’s legal team and Among Us Defenders at the public just get bored with the whole thing and wants to move on
CNN’s Anderson Cooper breaks down statements made by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on the 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

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