Anderson Cooper: Trump is intentionally trying to scare you

Anderson Cooper: Trump is intentionally trying to scare you
Good evening a senior Us counterterrorism official tell CNN, there is no evidence that Isis or other Sunni Terror groups or trying to get into the country by coming across the southern border, no evidence that is a factual statement from a highly-placed knowledgeable Source. No evidence of terrorist infiltration in the migrant Caravan now making its way through Mexico zero. None. Now we’re saying it at the top of the broadcast and will keep coming back to it because simple facts matter and the quiet truth Bears repeating we’re just two weeks to go until term elections. President Trump who’s in Texas tonight has chosen to fill the public arena with the exact opposite of The Quiet, truth or simple facts and he’s doing a way that seems designed to scare people. The president of the United States is intentionally it trying to scare. You he’s been out there loudly repeatedly unabashedly spreading falsehoods, and that is not the same as painting the political opposition, the worst life possible, which all modern presidents Republicans and Democrats have done in the past. Some presidents have been exaggerated. Some Twisted word some truth and some told Lies when asked about his nickname, give them hell. Harry Harry Truman once said, I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell. Well, he didn’t always tell the truth, but right now, this president, who already other, is multiple proven falsehoods every single day seems to be making them. The centerpiece of his closing argument for Republicans next month will start with his my Grand Caravan and we’re only going to show this video sparingly, because you can make the case that two play wall to wall pictures of thousands of men and women making their way North. Only serves the president’s purpose of making it appear more threatening than it actually is, and again just to be clear. Here is more what that senior counterterrorism, official, told CNN, and I’m quoting here while we acknowledge their vulnerabilities, are both are northern and southern border. We do not see any evidence that Isis or other Sunni Terror groups are trying to infiltrate the southern US border and also to be clear, neither have our correspondence and producers who been in these crowd for days. There are perfectly legitimate reasons: people might oppose the current immigration policies and they’re perfectly legitimate argument to be made that current immigration policies run or don’t work or need to be strengthened. Those points can be argued on their marriage and good people can disagree, but they don’t need to be argued with misinformation, and that is what the present is doing yet again, in fact, he had this to say about who’s behind those people heading north. The Democrats want Caravan, they, like the Caravans, a lot of people say. I wonder who started that Caravan or the president is echoing part of a conspiracy theory on the far right that says, Democrats, possibly with money from the billionaire George Soros, have been paying Central Americans to leave their countries and come north elaborated a bit in earlier rally. In Missoula Montana election day, because they think that’s a negative for us number, one that being stop and number two regardless. That’S ours you! So this is the problem them that one thing they stick together. They vote together, they’re bad politicians. They have horrible policy, they hate ice, they don’t like our military. They don’t like. Our vets, are always fighting us on that. They have lousy policy. The one thing they stick together, but they wanted that Caravan and there are those who say that Caravan didn’t just happen. It didn’t just happen a lot of reasons that Caravan 4000 people – it didn’t just happen most of the people in that carvana pull reporters from multiple Outlets, including seen, and that they left their home countries playing violins from drug gangs were the government or simple poverty. A congressman, Matt gets posted video of what he claimed migrants in Honduras, getting paid to be in the Caravan you later had to concede that it wasn’t shot where he said it was in the New York Times found out. The money was a token amount from local Merchants who are also handing out food, which, of course, is in a scariest Invader sent to wreck the election. Somehow, nor is it is infuriating, is the false notion that Democrats want to give illegal immigrants luxury cars. They want to pay for those people for healthcare for Education. They want to give them cars, they want to give him driver’s licenses. I said last night we did a great job. We did a great great rally in Arizona last night and I said I said last night: what kind of car will they Supply them? Will it be a Rolls-Royce? Do I even need to actually say that no one is giving immigrants rolls-royce’s? Are we at that stage? Yet or need to say that the present also has been repeating the notion that the so-called Sanctuary cities, I don’t think we like Sanctuary cities up here by the way a lot of people in California – don’t want to meet that they’re rioting. Now they want to get out of this Sanctuary cities in the present United States, something you check so people checked in though they found disagreement over Sanctuary City, certainly in debates and us and sometimes heated debate, no one found any rioting so late today the present was Asked again about that, you shouldn’t have to take a look at it, so many places in California want to get out training for a factor. Speaking figuratively the other night. He had the chance to say so today you didn’t leaving us to assume he meant real. Literal rioting in real literal cities, which really is not happening. He was also asked about the Caravan, because this morning he tweeted this about it. Sadly, it looks like Mexico’s police and military unable to stop the Caravan heading to the southern border. The United States, criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in again will return to what a senior counter-terrorism official in his own Administration told us they’re. Simply of that – which, of course is something the president order no for himself and of course he probably does whatever the case. It didn’t stop him from seeing this as he had it from Marine One. Are there and we’ve yet to find middle easterners press secretary? Sarah Sanders was also asked about it today. It’S not just in this respect or known terrorist try to get into the country every day which job somewhat with information seen and got from the Department of Homeland Security in official telling us. Last year, Customs and Border Protection for Bennett, n-no North back to terrorists from traveling to or entering the United States everyday. They didn’t offer any specific Survivor about at which border crossings those record or even if they were actually stopped at border crossings at all, because they could have, for example, been prevented from boarding a flight from another country, getting a Visa and still be included in that 10, today figure and the Department of Homeland Security could offer no evidence for the claim that criminals are middle-easterners already in that Caravan crowd specifically about the Caravan that senior counterterrorism official, so there’s no evidence any terrorists infiltrators. The president is also not telling the truth about building the border wall, suggesting it’s well underway. We have another 1.6 sounds like a lot of money when you going for almost a thousand miles is not that much, but the wall is moving. In fact, none of the president’s new border wall that he can paint on is under construction, yet parts of the existing wall are being worked on and that’s not the only hot-button issue. The present is spreading falsehoods about the president said at a rally in Ohio recently about the opioid crisis in history to address the opioid crisis Robin and some of the others help very little Democrat support. Okay, keep it Honest by very little Democrat Port Human. A hundred percent Democrats support, then he’s absolutely right. The legislation passed the Senate 98 to 1 below Novo by the way came from the Republican Mike Lee. Now the truth is most lawmakers, and most Americans want to do something about opioid addiction by suggesting that one party doesn’t president, is doing good people in both parties at the service, along with the proof, and of course, there’s always more than present also have been promising A big middle class tax cut by next month, even though is out of session today, he was forced to admit that he would really propose one before midterms with a vote coming later, he’s also been claiming as many as a million defense jobs or writing on a Hundred ten billion dollar arms deal with the Saudis not finalized. The dollar amount right now is closer to $ 49 in the job numbers are unfounded. When he began talking about this anymore, she put the number at 40000, then it became 450000 +, 500000 + 600000 +, 2 million Bob’s from all Saturday investments in the country. The list goes on and on. It is a flood of misinformation and perhaps that’s the point in hopes that the voters just can’t keep up with what is fact and what is fiction just 15 days to go midterms. The truth has a long way to go and lies. They have a head start without a mind. Let’S get some perspective on the presents to picture of the Caravan of some kind of invading Army back to nowhere near the US border. They’Ve crossed Mexico’s Southern border some plan on staying there for the rest of God, 1500 M. I walk ahead of them and they’re fixing to get to the nearest u.s. entry point.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses President Donald Trump’s comments about the migrants who are traveling thousands of miles toward the US-Mexico border.
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