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breaking news right now from the White House let’s go right to NBC Break It We are celebrating 40 Years of you and your groundbreaking career here at MPC at the highest bar you always ask the tough questions and you really are the all star in the entire NBC family only ones who feel this way they want to celebrate you today they want to thank you for being a Trailblazer and for being a part of journalistic History take a look if you are such an inspiration to the whole nbcnews family into every single journalist who shares near airless pursuit of the truth thank you for blazing the trail from us so many women in this business we would not be anywhere without you for many years before we begin working together at Admire from afar of your work ethic your persistence and commitment to the truth you have been a role model for me and more people in this business than you probably will ever know work and dedication and I always enjoy speaking with you and look forward to more years of your professionalism and great reporting and a good wishes from a fan who was it and even when you demanded then I can remember the days in the early 80s when you were just a cub reporter and I was Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan in his first term and I remember what a wonderful reported you were I have so appreciated listening to you and I have loved being on your program but most of all I have loved our friendship so best wishes to you and 40 more to go and remember the first time you ever interviewed me as part of a pool and you and I did a great job for 25 minutes I thought I was great and then you came back in to see me later that day and say you looked at every single word and I had said absolutely nothing that was my intention you never let me do that again in fair to good Kia on for decades of service at NBC News 40 Years of holding public officials accountable and informing people in the address of democracy at home and abroad the answer example of why he hits you should take a look at you and your career and your knowledgeable you never ask questions you don’t know the answers to and I said you are completely straight down the line I’ve admired you for a long time and when we disagreed your First Rate like I said I think you the model reporters anymore like you my reaction to hearing that you were celebrating 40 Years of the NBC News is the same as Dan Coates his reaction to hearing about a white house meeting with food that’s going to be special congratulations address country of those are just a few of the people who impacted over the years and I think that so many people have said this accurately throughout the hour which is that you have inspired the entire generation of journalists including me and Peter professional of your personal friendship celebrating personal Joys Our Lives as well but today really is about celebrating you so how family and my NBC family and have the two of you and all of your colleagues on our way to steam and Howie Jackson and everyone else over these years have all the stories were not covering here and abroad and here’s to the next whatever they are assistant being prepared you heard some of the folds talking about the importance of that John Kerry’s thinking or somebody’s thinking is telling me this and that he would say so I just hung up with John Kerry and he tells her the following I think I would go with her stores on this one really great mentors you saw some of them certainly Tom and Brian and Lester and all of my colleagues here at NBC and I learned from you watching you guys watching you at the White House and briefings and and so Peter and Kristen and the whole team they’re the incredible team at the White House and all the hill for us every day from all of you so honored to be able to work with you we love you so much and one of my favorite things about all of this Clips you just showed was that picture of you laughing and smiling and I think that’s what it is fun working with you and that’s something that we just feel so thankful for and my thanks are all of my pals here Michelle Perry are executive producer in Casey Dolan and Erica Joseph in our seniors of the whole team have extraordinary people here that put the show on every day and thanks to you we love you when you’re 39 years old I just don’t get it I don’t I don’t understand how you and you always make the impossible possible Andrea I love you you’re you’re someone I look up to continue to look up thanks for being you hey there thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos heading out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Celebrating 4 decades of Andrea Mitchell at NBC News
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Andrea Mitchell Celebrates 40 Years At NBC | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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