Andrew Scheer gives keynote speech in Halifax, makes no mention of Bernier

thank you so much Mary C beaucoup thank you to all of you miss you thank you thank you for your years of selfless service to our unified conservative party that Peter is someone who set his personal interest aside for the good of our party who decided to build up and not to tear down and our party is a living a testament to his hard work and I want to see Peter a big congratulations to you and your wife nazaneen on the birth of their third child fantastic congratulations I want to say thank you to the dozens of conservative leaders from all over the country all elected officials who are here with us this weekend we search are one big strong United a national conservative party we will once again Astron stable National majority conservative government Paradiso to merci thank you The Weeknd Coming to Halifax this weekend make a long trip was spent a lot of money to be here all the way from British Columbia to be here driving a lot of long drives in our minivan with our five kids I cannot imagine what that must have been like to get from BC to Halifax but thank you so much for being here I want you all to know how much that means to me and our entire team but I’m looking out at more than 3,000 committed conservatives nearly 70 are attending their first-ever political convention welcome Marauders trailer or even happier to leave it right party this weekend for a long time and you too I know your relationship so you might not have seen for a few years and especially in the middle of a gorgeous Atlantic summer in a city as beautiful and historic attala facts and indeed we have a lot to celebrate we are out front fundraising the governing Liberal Party by a margin of two-to-one thank you to all of you who contribute were nominating impressive candidates in every part of this country and we’re standing up for Canadians every single day and we’re winning on the issues that matter to Canadians and we’re winning at The Ballot Box ladies and gentleman attacks Sula carbon we support illegal immigration legal organ ordered immigration and defend we are winning elections in areas where no one gave us a chance we went from 16% of the vote just three years ago to 53% of the vote in the by election in June I know people from all over Canada might be looking at some safeconnect seats to run in the next election for the conservative party thank you we didn’t win by compromising by trying to impress people will never like us or by changing who we are or what we believe in we won the best way there is 20 only way there is to him as far as I’m concerned we earned it we work harder or ideas or better and we stayed true to our conservative principles and what I’m saying is this if we can if we can win on our principles by staying barber shops in writings like Shaquille O’Neal if you’re there is nowhere in this country that we can’t win in 2019 Sushi Manti Te’o Assurant Danielle opened up in 2018. We lost 20 years ago is the hard work of the entire team contributed to this historic victory the new MP if we remain loyal to our principle in a few across the entire nation and is about a lot of things it’s about celebrating how far we’ve come in the last year it’s about affirming our principals and articulating our vision but most importantly it’s about all the people we fight every single day like a father and son I met in PEI they owned a lobster boat they took us out on a trip there with my family and they taught us all about their way of life and how they are not living there up during the season everyday 3 a.m. no matter what the weather braving the ocean conditions to earn a living for their families they told me it’s hard grueling work and they absolutely love it they wouldn’t want to do anything else their number one input cost is fuel and they are absolutely terrified about what a carbon tax will do to their lives it’s about the dozens of workers at a Plastics plant I visited in Markham Ontario work week down to 5 shifts a week from five shifts a week down to four cuz it’s getting too expensive can’t run everyday in the owner told me that the plant in Markham does everything that could be done just South of the Border he could move it across the border at less cost and greater profit they just want to do that he loves Canada he loves his workers but with Rising costs doesn’t know how much longer you can hold out you know I was in New Brunswick a few weeks ago visiting the Moncton Farmers Market is making my way through the booths women who is selling soaps all natural organic soaps and she will look in her face and she came up to me and she so sorry I’m so so sorry I was a little taken aback I have had many conversations with Joe where I start off that way it’s kind of try to be on the receiving end I’m so so sorry and I thought what on Earth could this woman have possibly done so she looked me straight in the eye she just said I am so sorry I voted liberal in the last election a couple of the more I thought about that encounter since then the more I realize that it’s not all that funny set them in detail to pee. So please keep and a little party that she believed him when he said he would protect protect search for the middle class and give a break to small businesses by failing to deliver what he promised and those failures have consequences she told me she fears for the future that it’s getting harder to stay afloat she’s worried about making ends meet with new taxes and Rising costs but here’s the real problem Justin Trudeau has no idea what she or any middle-class Canadian family is going through because of him he has no concept about how to stretch a dollar how to make it to the next payday how to stick it out of stick to a monthly budget what are you sure you seen a monthly budget he just doesn’t get it he doesn’t understand the problems face and he can’t be trusted to fix them but I can tell you I do I live in the Great province of Saskatchewan in a lot of ways My Story begins on Cawthra Road a four-lane road linking Lake Cherry Waterfront in Mississauga to a web of major freeways in the GTA that now all up and down the road it’s very busy street there’s apartments that spanks schools warehouses lots of businesses lining both sides of the street but 70 years ago 75 years ago it was a dirt road or my grandparents William and Eileen and write Bill to home my grandfather was a factory worker at Massey Ferguson while my grandfather stayed home and just a tiny one story house my mother Mary first and eight kids came after I can tell you it wasn’t an easy life from a young age my grandparents sacrifice and my mom sacrificed with them she actually helped raise brothers and sisters while my grandfather work long shifts to the factory and all my grandmother grew vegetables in the backyard and patched together the hand-me-down close to be passed along to the next kid original nurses of the Children’s Hospital of eastern Ontario for a second-floor addition to her parents house and after that it must have felt like a mansion that’s what it’s like growing up my mom simply went from sacrificing for her siblings to sacrificing children of her own my parents my Mom and Dad we lived in a small townhouse in Ottawa we didn’t have a lot of money bad to make sacrifices to we didn’t own a car so we had to take the bus everywhere we went if you think it’s easy to convince a girl to meet you at the bus stop in January it’s not you have to develop a pretty good fish me lots of the little things that all of us have had to do to make choices for our own kids my mom was my hero passed away last year just before I was elected leader but I like to see she passed away knowing that she instilled in me a lasting obligation to make life even just a little bit better for the people around me and the people I serve erase my daughters and two sons with the same strength and optimism that she showed me to give of myself so the burdens of others might be lighter just as she did her whole life it’s her Legacy to our family I wanted to be my legacy to this country this country has bestowed such fortune and opportunity on my family that I stand before you running to be the next prime minister General remove from having nine kids and a two-bedroom Bungalow along a dirt road right there is Canada ladies and gentlemen Mimms year how many slot in a third-party in the Montclair know when when we apply our principles of principles and most fundamental principles to the modern Canadian space and not a day goes by without me feeling Dudley privileges for leading this party and follow the knowing that we are the party of Canada’s first prime minister the father of our Federation and a Visionary who made this land possible the great sirjani McDonald’s and I think it is a disgrace that some would allow extreme voices in this country to erase are proud it’s our heritage if we allow this to continue if we’re suddenly going to say ties our history with the benefit of hindsight in knowing what we know today then what if those extreme voices kept going you know the Liberal Party of Canada Elite donor program is called the Laurier club now sir Wilfred Laurier liberal prime minister signed an executive order signing an order in council in 1911 Banning black immigrants to Canada but he was also the architect of the KD Navy and a pioneer of free trade with you what states do we hear voices from the left saying that we better take his name off of everything and renamed University’s William Lyon Mackenzie King another liberal prime minister the man who navigated Canada through the depression and led the country during World War II close Canada stores to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany and his own government at the time said none is too many will the Liberals work to take his face off the $50 bill no but you can see how divisive this approaches how destructive this is identity celebrates the Giants of our history like macdonald-laurier Sandking for the great things they did for our country absolutely look to the past and learn from the mistakes that were made at the time while still celebrating the contributions that made Canada so great no way but friends if we look back on our history and our leaders and only see their blemishes we miss out on a beautiful story of a great country that is free into the safest Frias and most prosperous in the world just need the nearest Chef this about the external case Moore 50 months ago and it was vigorous and a big step forward for our very select 13 year when I won we were both 10 points behind the Liberals Minister Trudeau that was always a sweetheart the country and people would stop me and say hello they shake my hand they say hey we’re rooting for you good luck now when people see me they grab me by the hand both hands on my arm they look at me got to be these guys emergency is real and why the liberal party is finally showing his true colors and I’m talking about the real Liberal Party the tax hiking rule-breaking perk loving deficit spending Chesterfield tries to say that Canada’s back I say the Liberals are back back to ignoring the rules and abusing the Privileges of power just recently we saw the government interfere in a process too board a clam fishing license to a fake company with deep ties to the Liberal Party Todd already knows it’s the clam scam in Newfoundland Bill Morneau the Finance Minister introduced the law regulating tension companies while still holding millions of shares in his former family firm that regulated that managed pensions in 2016 we all remember Justin Trudeau accepted a private helicopter ride to a luxury island vacation from someone who is registered to Lobby is government the prime minister broke the law as the ethics commissioner so clearly confirm it was no big deal and the Liberals the rules just don’t apply to them ladies and gentlemen not for the people but for their friends years just imagine what he would get up to if he had a second-term I shudder to think about Liberals are also back to raising taxes and squeezing the middle class from coast to coast you’re the same thing people are getting by but they aren’t getting ahead there’s only a little left at the end of the month and everything keeps getting more expensive but Justin Trudeau doesn’t get it the federal government should not make life more expensive as prime minister I’m going to make sure the government takes less money off of every paycheck so you can get ahead not just yet by Lee County Jail Canadian across the country tell me a better and 5 more than half a Canadian are to almost $200 away from not being able to pay their bills Depew. We saw the increase of more than $800 all the tax benefits for students in children’s activities like more expensive have reached record levels across the country and what was Justin Trudeau’s response when he was asked about how this was affecting the day-to-day life of Canadians Justin Trudeau actually celebrated it he said higher gas prices are quote exactly what we want ladies and gentlemen this kind of out of touch elitist thinking is tip of liberal are against million are liberals like Justin Trudeau may want to pay higher gas prices but the hard-working Canadians that were fighting for sure don’t and yes the Liberals are back embarrassing Canada on the world stage and damaging relationships with important allies under Justin Trudeau’s Canada’s international trading prospects have never looked more grim and that is a huge problem when 1 and 5 Canadian jobs rely on free trade now it’s true the president of the United States is Auntie free-trade and Donald Trump has been crystal clear all along that he’s out to cause us pain and to steal our jobs but standing up to Donald Trump starts by making sure that Canada is strong we need to stop pumping fuel into the American economy we need to get our resources to Newmarket weenie to compete with other countries on Taxation and regulation instead of rolling over Japan to India to Australia Justin Trudeau has embarrassed Canada and its failed to open new markets and those failures have consequences for Canadians are going to work very repair that damage earlier this year I went to another kingdom where I met with prime minister Theresa May the groundwork for future negotiations for when we form government in 2019 and in October I’m headed to India to do the same but but don’t worry I don’t dance and I’m not bringing us celebrity chef along with me in foreign affairs is a serious Endeavor requiring serious leadership it’s time for the grown-ups to be in charge again play leader hold on Nicholas has always being the party of paternalistic and centralizing Federalist we have always worked to provided autonomous provinces to cooperate losing time arguing with them we are going to respect the witch of a gall quebecers to free themselves from the weight of double income tax forms she isn’t listening to those who have had enough every year of feeling in two forms he doesn’t think that he doesn’t understand the daily lives of Canadians of Ordinary People but my friends she said she lives in the world of Care Bears unicorns and fuzzy and we have heard you we are going to we are going to come back to reason and that’s coming soon when I am prime minister Quebec taxpayers will only be chilling in one or like every other Canadian seriously I make this under taken today because I want to make quebecers lives easier go back to bankrupting this country remember when Justin Trudeau talks about is temporary tiny deficits Well turns out not so tiny and definitely not so temporary this government has racked up 73 billion dollars into debt what do we have to show for it what do you have your wages haven’t gone up but I know your taxes have this failure has real consequences Canadiens don’t have more money left over at the end of the month and they have less money to spend as they see fit and why are conservatives so passionate about this issue because every year that were in a deficit we’re borrowing money from my kids and from yours tomorrow it really is that simple and not one of us not a single one of us in this room would leave a credit card bill to those who come after us what Justin Trudeau is doing is Robin from our children and it’s just wrong under my leadership that deficits will come to an end will balance the budget once again and put Canada’s fiscal tracking order is on that sound great but do nothing to reduce emissions while also punish in our industry when it comes to the environment conservatives we’ll keep our emissions down and continue to improve our environmental performance but we won’t destroy the economic engine of the country in the process of the best way to reduce Global emissions is not to shutdown Canadian industry it’s to grow it here is just one example Canada leads the world in tough environmental standards we do so much so well at the best levels of responsible development here’s a great example in China Manufacturing ton of aluminum produces 17 tons of CO2 in Canada it produces just to that means we would actually grow our economy and reduce Global emissions if more of that aluminum with made right here in Canada for heating their homes or driving their car Butler investment away from countries with lower environmental standards and bringing it home to Canada king of pointless gestures that will cost Canadiens a lot of money and do nothing for the world’s climate let me talk about the carbon tax there is no idea in Canada that has had a worse year than the carpet tacks and I remember not so long ago when pundits and experts were writing obituaries for conservative parties for Knotts forwarding a carbon tax now they’re writing obituaries for parties that do support the carbon tax Ontario gone thank you for donation Jason Kennedy in the united conservative party or about to take care of the NDP in Alberta even Liberals are running away from it NPI the liberal government will submit a plan this phone that won’t include a carbon tax I got to tell you that one of the most frustrating days was when a pole came out that said that the people in Ontario oppose the carbon tax at a rate of 7 out of 10 7 or 10 people Ontario proposed the carbon tax and I saw an article one of these experts was riding a very intellectual article in one of the major newspapers and the gist of the article was long lines of and I think one of the actual quotes was people of Ontario don’t support the carbon tax because they just don’t understand it now I’ve traveled all over this country there is a carbon tax revolt Brewing tell you the reason more and more Canadiens don’t support the carbon tax is precisely because we do understand it and even Justin Trudeau is start a k but he can’t even get walking away from his own policy right instead of just getting rid of the carbon tax altogether he’s decided to give big businesses and big polluters a huge break this summer he very quietly Exempted 90% of their emissions from his tax now that means the single mother will still pay the tax on 100% of the gas she buys to drive to work the groceries she buys to feed her kids but industrial polluters and big businesses with their powerful lobbyists will enjoy massive loophole now conservatives no the carbon tax just isn’t bad for big business it’s bad for absolutely everyone and that’s why I come 2019 my first act as prime minister will be to get rid of the carbon tax once and for all more and more Canadians are seeing through all of these liberal deceptions you know liberals always like to try and wrap themselves up and good intentions but their policies invariably hurt the very people they claim they want to help they try and convince people that their motivated by compassion but we all know that there is nothing compassionate about their policies there is nothing compassionate about a deficit there’s nothing fair about leaving the next generation of Canadians a mountain of new debt with more and more of their tax dollars going to pay bankers and creditors charity or driving out investment or factories closing down and workers being laid off from there is nothing compassionate about threatening millions of jobs with an unprecedented attack on small biz or about squeezing Working Families trying to make ends meet with more taxes so compassionate about allowing thousands to cross the border illegally from a safe place Upstate New York jumping ahead of those in refugee camps clean violence and Tierney waiting for Canada’s health its failure again has real consequences for both taxpayers and those who are seeking to come the Canada the right way those waiting to be reunited with a loved one or those in dangerous places around the world waiting their turn following the rules those are the consequences of the liberal failure on this file and I will let claim a monopoly on compassion ladies and gentlemen especially when it’s a conservative principles that actually help people who need it the most now there’s been a lot of talk about diversity in the last couple of weeks and I am so proud to be the leader of a party that has so much to celebrate so many 1st diversity in this country that diversity is our strength but I think he’s missing the big picture the reasons why waves and waves of immigrants from all over the world all corners of the globe have chosen Canada generation after generation it’s because we are free free to worship and free to speak and Freda believe it’s because we are open it’s because we are equal equal as individuals equal in Opportunity equal before the law and equal in value it is because of all these things that we are diverse diversity is a product of our strength our strengths is and always has been our freedom I don’t think I can put it any better then the last prime minister to come from Saskatchewan is John diefenbaker I am a Canadian free to speak without fear free to Worship in my own way free to stand for what I think right free to oppose what I believe wrong and free to choose those who shall govern my Country Heritage of freedom I pledge to a poll for myself and for all mankind those are principles that create Unity ladies and gentlemen and is unity in our diversity when we rally around of those principles that our rights come from the identity groups the government what conservatives know our rights come from the fact that we are individual Canadiens correctness are converging on contrary ideas and even on legitimate criticism on deeply-held personal convictions and complex matters of individual Choice Justin Trudeau what’s this he wants to impose his personal views on the country and demonize those who don’t accept them but conserve but conservice won’t let Trudeau avoid accountability for his decisions by smearing and name calling those who dare to criticize him politics in Quebec is going to be quite different in 2019 both the book and the NDP are more and more credible thank you very much there is only one serious alternatives are to the Justin liberal government and that would be Canada indeed there are left on the battlefield two adversaries the conservatives and the Liberals are more than enough a good party and a bad enough already and the contrast between conservatives and liberals that has never been as clear the choice is clear a party that is missing that is competent and understands quebecers that is to say the conservative party or a party that has a great many failures is incompetent and like to push the ideas of the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau difference them I’m confident in terms of the next elections then I’m out there across the country listening what all have to say including quebecers people are coming to me they want to talk to me they are interested by no idea sexy filled up behind the image of a record is in three words failure failure and failure say and the conservative platform will beat the Canadiens platform in 2019 ideas and competency will take over image arrogance and failure we have a little one year to enjoy even more liberal failures before the sky turns blue again the values are not Quebec values difference the Quebec conservatives can go in any region in Canada and be proud to do so with your head held high actually been in the province of Quebec and it 2019 with the same determination and pride and with a renewed platform and a solid music and great candidates we will lead our team to the best results yet is your mom gosh I will commit and personally it to continuing efforts to link Quebec and the rest of Canada my teacher Nation as such that I will use every available means to me to convey the conservative message and then is what I didn’t hesitate not one second to appear on the TV show and I’m still alive I need you are caucus needs you together we will give Canada what it do deserves a strong efficient and with a perfect team that is just as strong and just that determined ladies and gentleman conservatives are united we’re strong we’re ready and we’re winning cross provincial borders conservatives are coming together and winning as done in Alberta and we’re winning to Newsome you need vigorously defending against attacks on our economic and individual freedoms and promoting a vision of Canada where everyone can 60 then all people no matter where they live or what they do are best served when stand down and allow individuals families and communities to determine their own destiny if we allow that’s fundamental belief to continue to guide us but I need all of you I just say right now it’s give you a lot of hard work the Liberals and all their friends are going to throw everything they’ve badass it’s going to get harder and harder but I want you all to take it with a smile because all that means is that were winning but as you’re out there knocking on doors and talking to your neighbors I want you to allow yourself to dream a little bit while you’re out talking to Katie and about what we’re going to do about the failures of the liberal government and the consequences they’ve had on make life harder for caves I want you to dream about the country that will be building and think about what if we had a government that understood that a free people making free decisions was the best way to improve the quality life and prosperity for all Canadians what if we had a government that didn’t always just look back into our history looking for reasons to be ashamed but instead four reasons to be proud what if we had a government that knew that the best way to fight against protection of his to make Canada the most attractive place in the world to invest add to create jobs and what if we had a government that was led by a prime minister that actually understood the everyday problems Canadiens faced and govern with a clear plan to help them yes this is what the conservative party will offer and payee newness on Fastenal country where we’re not only there to pay taxes but they were there to be entitled to a good country to pay taxes to a big government there there to be served by a good government a country where we work with First Nations as partners in our shared Prosperity instead of talking down to them with empty jet symbolism countries where wealth isn’t taxed and regulated and control but created Unleashed and multiplied where hard work is rewarded not punished where the government realizes best way to insure that more Canadians get ahead is by lifting people up not tearing people down where we can fill big nation building projects the kinds of things that bring us closer Heather as a people and make it easier for one part of the country to benefit from the prosperity of another and that is why a conservative government will repeal the liberal regulatory changes ladies and gentlemen this is my positive conservit mission where taxes are low government is limited but opportunity is unlimited where freedom is celebrated and people are put before government ladies and gentleman that’s what we’re going to build together so much for all your support
Andrew Scheer gave a speech at the Conservative Party policy convention in N.S., but didn’t mention Maxime Bernier amid turmoil over the former leadership candidate quitting the party to form his own.

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