Andrew Scheer on Tony Clement sexting scandal: ‘I took him at his word’

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Andrew Scheer on Tony Clement sexting scandal: ‘I took him at his word’
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Andrew Scheer on Tony Clement sexting scandal: ‘I took him at his word’
Ctv national news allegation that led to Tony klemencic Archer from caucus, or was it simply all the commentary on social media? When I took him at his word that this was an isolated incident in the hours that followed by there were numerous reports of activity that that nature and so Tony, I spoke and agree that it would be best for him to respond to these allegations from outside Caucus configure that you’ve been advised, so I have heard from Tony that that he was the victim of extortion. I have no, I don’t have any official information from the RCMP or from the national security agency’s, so I would have to refer you to them as to that heart of the of the of the situation. Stop that conduct before. I can just simply stated that this is a shock to me it when, when, when I was made aware of the situation and there’s no indication that this sort of things happen, lead 2-1, where there were allegations that would that that Jesse that there were other two Types of behavior in that context Tony and I agreed that – will be best friends to respond to that personally. Yet to respond to that set a boundary here, but what is inappropriate purchase program? Honda? It happened, but that you know these things happen in every profession in in politics, happens to every party that are, I don’t know please to see him on a personal level in the end and apologizing for that are caucus of course hold their selves each hold each Other to I think it’s appropriate for him to. I know you mentioned that people should know better, but he was a senior official one who had been in years. Well, not only now, they were not aware of this, but neither worthy National Security agency’s, who I did the screening for mr. clean before he took his place on the National Security Council, so capable of having lapses of judgment. Unexpected people make mistakes. When those mistakes are brought to light, then people take accountability for it, and organizations in and groups that work with them have to make decisions as well, and that’s why. I believe that right course of action was for Tony to respond to these allegations spot the situation from outside caucus leicestershire help when they are the House of Commons. When I was Speaker of the House of Commons, we, the parties came together and spoke about this. This very thing about the need for having support for for people who have had Angel everything from the Paris attack in the Hall of honor to workplace issues. With it’s harassment, where there is violence to personal tragedy, so that there is actually programs available for members of parliament in for staff having any I want to get into that. I don’t know what what you’re looking for, but I do know that there are programs available to him and I would encourage him to to Avail myself of those. I just want to clarify report to the opp last summer. I were you made aware of it. Then. Today, the first time you’re finding out about this despotism first down today’s the first time I’m hearing about that incident insurance is from him that he hasn’t been compromised in this work between then and now. So I just found out about the incident this summer moments ago. So I I was not aware of that until until today, again more recently, it was presented to me as a as an isolated, and so I was not expecting her to be other types of events, her or any type of other type of pattern. Behavior
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer discussed the sexing scandal surrounding MP Tony Clement.

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