Animal welfare: France at the bottom of the class

Animal welfare: France at the bottom of the class
In other words as objects, thank you for joining us for new addition of France info find Nadia Shelby, and this week we’re looking into Animal Welfare. Hearing from you join us hit just an hour west of Paris at the shelter for horses and ponies. This is Horizon. Twenty-Three-Year-Old, exactly a year ago, he robbed and exhausted after years of exploitation at a riding stable Tales of abuse from red herring from until 2015, the single phase just ask movable property, in other words, recently high-profile actions. One of them is made headlines with graphic videos showing the reality of French snow animals together, crying out in fear and pain, slaughterhouse workers going through the motions as they stand in pools of blood death that sometimes come slowly and painfully. This footage captured in French slot houses, shocked the country, but it also put as doosan capturas on the map. As a leading Animal Rights group founded in 2008, its activities were the first to take on the powerful meat industry every day in France, some 3 million animals are slaughtered for food very hard very seriously. Over the last 10 years, we bring proof, we show exactly what’s Happening Here and Now in France. This footage outrageous, it’s so bad that most people come watch El. Do some cats, Wars or l214 takes its name from an article of the French Royal code that recognizes animals as sentient beings once just a handful of the organization now count: 60 employees, 2000 volunteers and 30,000 members, the groups investigations have had a massive impact and the Images filmconvert Lee in slaughterhouses or reading Farms have been millions of times. Sebastian himself worked 3 months on the slaughter line, Undercover which is very complicated, both psychologically and even from a practical point of view. And then there are two whistleblowers who already work on a site, for example, on an interim contract and get in touch with us because they’re shaken by something they witness and wanted general public to know. What’S going on and the group’s effective shock tactics mean that Elders don’t get tours is in a position to challenge not only food industry Giants but also elected officials and consumers. Well, it wishes there were more political will to address the issue of factory farming. Its members feel that, thanks to their work, no one inference can claim they didn’t know MattyB and you Bill of animal rights and with neurobiologist and philosophers HEB. Thank you for being with us hello case of one step forward, two steps back during the 2017 presidential election. We heard a number of campaign pledges, but then nothing materialized. There was also an official inquiry into the practices of slaughterhouses, but unfortunate changes aren’t mandatory. There is an away by the actions of Civil Society or ngos really call it political wheeler awareness. Politicians do now take Animal Welfare into account. I think because they see now that it’s a real, far-reaching issue hold on that particular type of Cruelty. That’S thanks to European legislation which itself is influenced by the blocks. Northern countries, caring about Animal Welfare was ridiculed, but now it’s invited issue, which is great, but of course the great majority are focused only on their work rather than on animals. Organize a conference on animal testing and experimentation who discovered that a number of French laboratory sidestep European and French law by importing animals breed animals and very little about Animal Welfare such as China, then import them into France. The medical research, which is a very complex issue with regarding Cosmetics, I’m glad to say that’s over Animal Welfare. How do you explain that to the first there’s, a very clear, cultural and even philosophical reason, logic: rules in France philosopher influence here how to resolve the French. Still you animals, as just animals, in other words as objects, is very much and agricultural nation. In such Nations, food plays a central role. Astronomy is key, just think of wagon, which is a monstrous practice, but continues regardless just a few minutes ago use the word. Objects spoke about the waiver French view animals inside me in 2015. There was a change in legislation that meant that all animals at went from being viewed as movable property to sentient beings. Did that change come with a meat, real legal protection for Animals by penalties for the perpetrators of animal cruelty? As far as disciplinary measures are concerned know so far, it hasn’t changed anything. However, it did Spa something of a wake-up call for French society which, in turn led to more awareness, friends and some of the judges who sometimes and more severe and their sentencing Austin met with very light punishments. Wait at France now has a green coat affect the environment legal framework that will give animals at specific status from that of a person or an object, because, unfortunately, in the human mind and French mind, especially person is associated with the biological notion of human life. The author of The Little Prince wrote that we bare a lifelong responsibility for those we tame, and I do think that we have obligations supposed to act and that’s where you touch upon the Notions of good treatment and well and to not act, for instance, to not Harm animals where, in the wild you need to be left with a minimum amount of natural habitat. However much humans proliferate, French consumers are evolving. They are vegetarians and vegans spending time with these hoses is an absolute treat and, of course, getting up close to exotic animal. Has long been a popular has made the headlines with animals breaking away from that Keepers and ending up more importantly, friendship, Zeus, I’m coming around to the idea of rethinking the way they use animals as a form of entertainment. How take a look? Mayans Bears monkeys and hundreds of bird welcome to biopark zoo on the site of an Old Quarry where more than 1,200 animals living relative freedom and mixed enclosures across 15 hectare create the animals natural habitat, real behavior of the animals. The only thing on show is the natural world momentum, education and scientific research, the conservation of threatened species both do and as well as in the countries where these animals come from. Over the last three decades, Stephen released some back into the wild. We are getting ready to reintroduce my calls in a few months, these very beautiful Red Wings. My calls will be released in South America, but not all animals in captivity are so lucky. The advocacy group one voice is fighting against their exploitation, especially in circuses and sea life. Centers she’s, extremely skinny – you can see in these pictures she’s supposed to pay football wilkas Modo going to lead, is an elephant in the savannah, walking a dog on a lead. Dozens of French municipalities have already outlawed the use of wild Melvin. The circus at public awareness about their welfare continues to grow. After 25 years of running a traditional circus on the Joseph and son died in boubyan. It decided to stop using animals in their shows. Three years ago, Wendy animals come out. It provokes a huge emotion that cannot be replaced, but even with that them, there are still plenty of other things that make the circus what it is simply want to continue evolving our arts in a different way. The buglione environmentally-conscious ecocirc, with no animal performers and with part of the proceeds donated to animal protection. I’M a good news. Thank you for watching. They change it from 24
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In France, there is no legal framework to truly protect animals. In fact, until 2015, animals had the same legal status as “moveable property” – in other words, furniture! In this edition we’re taking a closer look at the issue of animal welfare in France.
While authorities are slow to catch up with France’s European neighbours on the issue of animal rights, a number of NGOs and campaign groups have staged increasingly high-profile actions. One of them, L214, made headlines with graphic videos showing the reality of French slaughterhouses.
Also, getting up close to exotic animals has long been a popular pastime, whether in zoos or at the circus. But in recent months a spate of incidents has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons: with animals breaking away from their keepers, and ending up shot dead after high-profile pursuits. Boycott calls quickly followed, regulations have been somewhat tightened, and slowly both circuses and zoos are coming round to the idea of reviewing their use of animals as a form of entertainment.

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