Annie Lennox On Eurythmics, Fame, Feminism & ‘Letting Go’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Annie Lennox On Eurythmics, Fame, Feminism & ‘Letting Go’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Annie Lennox On Eurythmics, Fame, Feminism & ‘Letting Go’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
But it was like use the human Realm who’s radical will be joined today by the oscar-winning grammy-winning cultural icon and activists, Annie Lennox, and we are here at Mass MoCA in Massachusetts at a very special installation that you created. Thank you for doing. Thank you for having me on Mavericks. I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t my veryfit. That said, that’s an interesting description and I will accept it gladly we’re going to get into your installation. But let’s start with how you got here, how you got to a place in your career, where there’s so much to reflect on. When is the first moment in your music career, where you look down and realize Oh weird, Global Starz, now I can turn this off the time when sweet dreams are made of this Dave, and I we want to come in and the doors rent and adopt time To be number one in the charts, was it’s like having a huge Spotlight thrust on you going to happen now, and I have that sense of walking down the street and people stuff? Is you double takes and look at you and feeling like thing of hot gone and it’s starting to go with streaming now, hundreds of millions just for your top songs billions. If you count it all, what does that mean to you? Do you ever think about the people on the other side or listening to you or the new generation of young women and men in boys and girls? It’S not something that I can really give much thought to its. If it’s there, whatever it means, you know, I don’t feel I have any control of anything much I mean I have control over the things I do and how do them, but I don’t have any control over how other people take it. That’S not my department, you know the reaction. That means she’s gay or what does that say about gender? And you said you said that the time you weren’t trying to be a gender bender soap. So what were you trying certain way? And I definitely by the time they’ve and iPhones Eurythmics. I definitely had the sense of who I was and what I wanted to do, and it was in partnership with Dave who’s, the mom and the sense of b equals. Almost like twins seems like we were each other’s news if you like it, was powerful to wear mom’s all kinds of way to perform. That made you thinking a very, very strong, powerful image was recorded and still when I look at it to this day, the something in it to me that is still relevant, but sweet dreams is a statement about the existential nature of The Human Condition. If you like, we make quite so realistic, tableau’s in sweet dreams actually did have to bring a life cow into a small space, and it was a very strange experience for everybody was kind of thrilling and weird, but it was like he was the human Realm. Let’S put together and let’s see what happens if it was, it was Radical and it is interesting.. The 18th was a time of a certain kind of exploration of presentation of things and then was part of it too. If you get to the easiest and you can actually go into a music store and purchase a synthesized machine, so let me ask you that, do you know why that happens? Generationally it’s a new sound is almost always seen as a threat, but as a false prophet. Is there always at resistance to the new sound? Do you think of Folk Music and classical music music that goes through directions from oldies music? Is it whatever you want it to be, so you don’t have fear of so when you covered just for example, you talk about mashups, you covered Strange Fruit, and here you are looking deep into the American historical periods, Lin civil rights. How do you approach that you’re? Not apparently you’re not afraid of people are going to say. You couldn’t understand that. What helps you conquer your fear, and how do you do that? The human race has to propensities one for beauty for love for the best of all things: creativity, Unity, kindness, and we also have a propensity that is boundless as individuals, collectively. The damaged and abuse that weave the Havoc that we create from the abuse and on the division. I’M Warfare recently bigotry hatred to me it’s so appalling and so shocking and it’s a musician. I’Ve been so fortunate because I’ve been able to be part of music making with people from all different cultures, with different colors, different Creeds and healing thing together, and your activism is quite International. You focused on rights of women and girls around the world encircle. How did you choose that as your focus and and why International? Because you know a lot of people, say I’ll focus on my home or my community young girl, and I identify with women everywhere. For me, my interpretation of feminism goes right around the globe. Beyond the Unseen call Western bubble, the biggest challenges for girls and women around the globe, they are the places where we need feminism Carmen more than anywhere else. That needs to be addressed. We need to understand feminism on a global basis: suffragette movement, women’s rights of come a certain way, but there’s so much more to do when I went to visit these countries when I saw what was happening, you see children and rides go to school and that the Population level, because of poverty, you Yu-Gi-Oh, my God, I didn’t know what property meant when you understand the scale of it, it is very, very life-changing. You’Ve described yourself as a dark 4 *. Are you happy now than other times in your life? When you have been more or less happy much happier bunny Boosie in my private life, you know – and that gives me joy – I mean my marriage is it is a happy place, so your collaborator to say about you back in the day when I first laid eyes On you, it was something about answer. I majorly that I knew I was going to have to spend a long. I mean a long time with this post. Well yeah. I was kind of this – some kind of beautiful, a beautiful Satin being a creative person sensitive to things around the seal things, perhaps more than other people other people. But I kind of noticed that there is a propensity to feel things very strongly and that in a way songwriting for me putting lyrics was a way to express. And to get it out. If you like. I am not in the state of Melancholia that I did live through very continually, and I know that. Does come from a very beautiful, stable personal life, but I also know that things are impermanent before we go to the exhibit I’d love to do a little bit Of a lightning, I wish you could see what happens if the people you’ve worked with and in a word or sent David Bowie optional, actually driven another monster in a completely different way. Herbie Hancock. If you know what I have many, but maybe next song called here comes the rain again is VD. It’S just every time I play, I Feel Like a discovery again, the most underrated or forgotten Eurythmics on the album 4 1984. Is your favorite song, any Bob Marley song? What is Bob Marley comedian Bob Marley was meaningful. Bob Marley was sending a message about racism and Injustice and he met such a lot. Everybody has any artist living or dead that you would want to work with. I do that sometimes think that people love you with makes music, because the Melodies are very at lasting and the sounds evocative and this beauty in and also some sort of philosophical messaging in the lyrics as well. If I broke the rules, they were very restrictive, but I might just outside the box. I haven’t looked out the meaning of Madre, but I definitely think channel in the thinking in the behavior of necessarily as most people teasing from different perspectives. The Maverick is the space between rejecting someone else’s rules and then having something to say or do to make your own convert own sake is just Rebellion I’m. So a lot of time was spent making these discs, and normally these were just being boxes. You know I put them in storage achievements, you kind of going down to the corner and it’s a Christmas glitter starts to come, you know, and this one item and then you could miss it performance in it’ll be the start of the story. You know it’s like almost like archaeology section hear that it’s referencing music cuz of this, and yet we don’t think anything about them. Is there any hierarchy of the wires down here and the elegant piano with the wings on top talk? Because without this I would have never learned how to play. I would have never learned how to read music to write music. It’S essential.. I hope people remember me that I hope that. Message did spread. You know the doctor kit for HIV and AIDS. I wore that t-shirt or tee shirts, like that with the messaging on the front and if the pocket would say fighting HIV and AIDS, my grandmother’s in this Photograph somewhere. I think. For me, this is a memory memory, because a lot of the people represented here are no longer and it’s about impermanence. We manifest we interact with objects and when we go left behind and we’re no longer hear the Berlin Wall came down, someone sent me, I mean to people, sent me separately to pieces of the Berlin wall, but the thing is that walls and barriers and Foundry. So here’s a chunk of it here it looks like a pretty piece of something, but it’s actually what it really represents: something quite. how to choose old parents notice when they bring the child is born in your hands because they’re so tiny it is so precious. Take me to book childhood statement about time. You can’t make time go backwards, but here it is it’s going backwards. The shoes are actually getting smaller. As we progressed around the months. You know you also have footage playing. What is this to end, but again, they’re going backwards and they’re in full motion is about quarters. The time Twilight kind of amazing to watch them going back. If you were to ask me what do I want from this, I would say reflect on who we are on this planet, who you are, what you’re doing it this time and space. What section of your life are you going through? We all have things memories. What does it mean to let go office? Well, I would go through those phases, I’m in this kind of older phase of my life, but I’m reflecting a lot which is now will let you go it’s hard to. Let go off you know and again we have to let go of many things through life. Thank you. So welcome. I’M so happy that you came, and it’s just been a delight, punching wonderful YouTube. You could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us, and we appreciate that.
The legendary Eurythmics founder, pop star and activist Annie Lennox opens up about music, feminism, gender-bending and the commemoration of her legacy in a new art installation at the MassMoCA museum, Now I Let You Go, in this candid interview on Mavericks with Ari Melber, a series of interviews with artists, musicians and cultural icons. Aired on 9/17/19.
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Annie Lennox On Eurythmics, Fame, Feminism & ‘Letting Go’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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