Another Busy Weekend For The 2020 Democratic Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Another Busy Weekend For The 2020 Democratic Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC
We are in this fight for our lives, for our children are our planet for our futures and we will not turn back. We are tired of the shutdown, the gridlock and the grandstanding and hate with the truth and a vision for the future. Senators, Warren and Clovis are officially in while Beto O’Rourke is holding a counter-rally to the president tonight good morning and welcome to Morning Joe, it is Monday February 11th with us. We have MSNBC contributor, Mike barnicle political writer for the New York Times and MSNBC political analysts. Nick confessore, president of the Council, on Foreign Relations and the author of the book of world in disarray, Richard haass, former Chief of Staff, to D Triple C in former director of strategic Communications for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Now an MSNBC contributor, Adrienne Elrod, and you saw him on Saturday Night Live Pulitzer Prize Washington, Post and MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson, will be joining us in just a moment’s. We’Ve got a lot to get to wow new poll numbers on how voters in Virginia are dealing with the controversies there, what it means for the Saints termites day, but the Fairfax might go. But you never know Saudi Arabia denies any connection to an alleged blackmail. Attempt of Amazon, CEO will show you what the lawyer am. I, the National Enquirer publisher, says about the story and President Trump sends a glowing tweet about North Korea. No mention, however, that country’s nuclear Arsenal will get to all of that, but first another busy week and for the presidential field of Democrats on The Showdown. The government shutdown with The Showdown on the senate floor would be a very impressive candidate, certainly occupying more Centrist vision of what the Democratic party should be going up against Donald Trump Nick confessore Dave Weigel with the Washington Post. I think put it best that it was a curious, curious selection, the ice Planet hot for Amy Klobuchar, I loved it ever run for president in 2020. How did she do we’ll look? It was a truly Minnesota moment there for Amy, Klobuchar and true to form she powered right through. In some ways it was a photo op for Twitter Nelson preview. The themes that will see she’s going to run as a moderate, Progressive so to speak and Midwestern or someone who can play nice with those size of push for an important priorities on the left will be perhaps little more bipartisan. Then some people on the left have been in the last few weeks. I think her laying it compared to some of these candidates for this nomination and I think, there’s only a single straight white guy in the entire Bunch, which is a real ship from any election past that we’ve seen and a sign of the diversity in that party. Earlier this weekend, Elizabeth Warren and I’m just curious. How do you think her announcement, wise and MI only person in America who thinks the Native American controversy of something that probably will not last into the spring, is done such a fantastic job of really staying on message? For message of Bridging the Gap between the middle class and the wealth he’s cleaning up Washington clean up the corruption, that is something that is stood out in each and every one of her. You know when you’re running for president, especially a very crowded, feel like we’re facing right now, your rollouts really do matter. You know you’ve got to make sure that you communicate your message and really hone in on what is causing you. What what is driving you to run for, I think both Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren exceeded in that, and I also want to give props – did Andy Klobuchar the Advance Team for putting together the kind of event they did and 4 degree temperature. That’S pretty pretty amazing. Incredible activate they may want to think about the temporary roof next time. You know I never want to give unsolicited advice. So why start now? But it seems to me that Elizabeth Warren needs to stop explaining what’s behind her and start explaining what’s in front of her for the country, I think she’s talked about this issue or not what bloggers and let people on Twitter talk about what she wrote on applications. 25-30 years ago, tell Americans we’re we’re going to be 25-30 years from now. I’Ve run a few times on a small-scale on a small level, and I can tell you: voters are interested in the their future. Not so much your past buy comes to mind, don’t trip over! What’S behind you move forward thanks so much for watching
On Sunday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota became the newest Democratic candidate to announce her bid for the White House. Sen. Elizabeth Warren also announced a run over the weekend and Beto O’Rourke is also mulling a run. The panel discusses.
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Another Busy Weekend For The 2020 Democratic Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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