Anti-Brexit receipts cause stir for restaurant – BBC News

Anti-Brexit receipts cause stir for restaurant – BBC News
Best Western Westminster kitchen about three days ago, on the day of the debate around mrs. deal for leaving European Union, I got really frustrated. I was reading the news constantly checking up, seeing what’s going to happen, trying to find a way to express my own feelings towards the brexit vote, the contribution immigrants I’m making for Britain, and so I could do something about this – would be to print a message on Our receipts, the message was a simple and it said: brexit is bad. Immigrants make great they’ve, also cooked inside your food. Today initial reaction will it was a horrible. I would say I will give you free examples in one. We must you got another table table. Name me as a person named August from Lambert and then they will say we will be seeing him very shortly.. You have a reaction here, they’ve been calling us and calling us. Can you tell me the management of altering the phone? Can you send you stuff back home romantic things been saying about us, which is we you know we just normal people, we’ve been here a long time ago. I feel a little bit sad myself for me. No problem.. Last few days, we’ve been sitting lots of sporting messes 40 messages from Republic to United Kingdom people from different backgrounds, moving out and writing to ask emails, leaving messages on social media, I’m cool enough to say how proud they are for what we have done and encourages, And we will continue to publish the printer message on August 6th
A London restaurant owner says he won’t remove the message on receipts, which celebrates immigration.

Ibrahim Dogus, who is also a Labour councillor in pro-EU Lambeth, says he felt compelled to write the message the day Theresa May’s Brexit plan was voted on in Parliament.

Video Journalist: Nick Raikes

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