Antisocial media? Europe’s fake news fightback

Antisocial media? Europe’s fake news fightback
Play Welcome to the European Parliament in Brussels to this week’s that took in Europe at the base. We are now less than 4 months from the next European elections and wall in the past. Candidates have been worried about the speeches, TV appearances and leaflets. Now the focus is on all phone screens, tablets and laptops, but one European commission that recently talked about that being a digital arms race at the various playlist retention online and especially on social media, patchy, opaque and self-selection repulsing on its compliance with the digital code of Prices they can be able to go back to the days of more tightly regulated and, given you like to fax or is it with us today we have Dutch Amy Peet married to Scott from adding Democrats, 66 utility and the Epp group in the EU. Parliament particularly stands as it celebrates 15th birthday month and how it goes to say this is from Facebook created in 2004, when your leader is already had one members and even then you could predict it could get as big as it is. Today, 15, it has 2.3 billion friends, friends with a lot of valuable personal data, which the company uses four targeted advertising for critics. That’S one of Facebook’s drawbacks do to give give you lots of really cool free technology services in 2016, and you type of threat emerged companies, corporations or individuals who have used the platform of maliciously the spread hatred, fake news and collect information to manipulate users like in The 2016 US presidential election Senate figures show 126 million users read contents shared by Russian until a but it’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well, and that goes for fake news. The foreign interference in elections and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy, Facebook, hits 15 its plans to keep expanding. Despite critics, it took a record 22 billion dollars, profit last year report say it could next merge with smartphone messaging apps messengerwhatsapp. Graham, each one has some 1 billion users on Facebook alone in the past, about that foreign interference that and that we had a little bit about that in our report. Facebook launching is new to you before the year elections. They want to make political ad, giving the special authorizations disclaimers, showing uses that these are adverts and even having a network of academic just deleting what actually counts. As a political issue going with this now, it’s was suggested an eclipse, that’s in 2016 the challenges around this information and meddling with elections surface, but that is not true. We actually warned Facebook and ask them what they were doing to prevent, because knowing you’re, unknowingly Inno, perhaps without their actual intentions, a player in determining who would be the next president in the United States. And so I think the fact that we are now two years later, three years later – and this is what they’re doing they’re providing the kind of transfer. What is a political ad and what isn’t that in any newspaper and television is already common practice almost everywhere. In the world, because nobody wants to be confused about what is a news reporter, what is an opinion? What is an ad? What is a an article, and this is clearly distinguishable everywhere. I supposed to get you at eggs, and Germany is Ashley of being the victim of quite a lot of attacks as much as anywhere else. Yes, I totally agree with my teacher. It’S the platforms has to take more responsibility. They are doing their building the ground for everything. What might influence at the end, the public opinion, reprofiling, etcetera, and that’s why I would share the views also coming forward. We have to send the signals out, you are responsible and you have to take care of also about where this data going on them and flowing around. I would say also what kind of responsible for the legislator now coming up with a kind of Regulation where this might be possible entreated legally, as Publishers I’d like to come see if I may know Facebook fake news is harmful to a community, but, let’s be honest, Fast food is popular, it’s clickable. Every time you get a click, that’s money being made by somebody. Some West really have an interest in reducing this. Does it make efforts and they’ve been showing progress and they don’t want to lose the trust of the users, and maybe a couple of things to mention is that last year, with in just six months, they took down 1.5 billion fake accounts and they’ve also established a Partnership with Germany to sort of educate people on disinflation and they’ve also been setting up, or they will set up an election Integrity Center in Dublin. This is very late. This is a very, very wealthy company. Do you think you want to sing this Goodwill? Is that is an account taken down, but if there is one and a half billion more and more millions of accounts being taken down for years, there have been as sold against. These accounts likes coming from these accounts, for which people have paid to get boost, Etc. So the main point that I have big issues with is the complete lack of into what their algorithms are doing. There is no oversight, a lot of things we don’t know, or we know anecdotally. For example, we’ve learned last week that Facebook babes teenagers $ 20 to get access to their phone, send the most private information. I think that is Criminal and I really hope that there will be consequences. So I think that’s the core of liberal democracy is at stake here: the health of our public debates, the freedom to choose on the part of citizens and not to be manipulated and tricks. Interlude are going to vote for what they’re going to believe. It’S interesting that, because of clothes, when people put their information into Facebook, that doing that willingly Nobody’s Fool thing: people put in their various interests, they can put things in the music that they like everything.. This is what I already criticized during the data protection regulation with the reform, what we have done, that we are focusing too much on the consent. I would say the content is probably the wrong tool now in these days, because no one of us probably is reading the terms and conditions and then serve it to to the device or to the software or 2/3 Services Etc. And that’s why I was more focused. Now on how to protect privacy at the end, not to protect the data itself and then might be a kind of Heaven old idea, Palms into a new regulation, and this probably sold thinking and we we should reform this. A little bit. Educating people on raising awareness and digital literacy, his responsibility is that it’s a shared responsibility Library, a year ago, taking the step with the first media literacy week or today. That will take place in March, but it is now Facebook has been taking a year ago and Google has been providing grants to young people to assist them with media literacy and digital citizenship. We should not forget how you say which cooking team you like in that kind of thing. Listen to this sound bites from the New York cannabis stay in Paris, count on your attention. Personally, based on your demographic based on where you come from your age group, the languages that you speak of the kind of job that you have your income and what I’m saying is been targeted, advertising make that impossible based on the kind of social media or they That’S fine, but the amount of just psychological leverage on that stuff and by the way tv ads are much more regulated yeah. It is maybe a little bit too broad to say bad at all, because you could argue that the advertisement is always targeted. It always aims to sell something, but I think we have Good Grounds to start with questioning, also legally, it should be allowed to Target people on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, age of those kinds of very, very personal. But this is probably different in every EU member states and that’s another problem. We have to sack. We need to have one European Standard, but I cannot imagine that it would be allowed to single out, for example, gay black women for targeting ads what happens on platforms. Like Facebook – and it goes even further because they can see who is looked up, for example, suicide websites now or who might be mentally unstable and unfortunately we seen the those characteristics have been abused to me today. People say that just a company I, knowing that much about you and Bingo – was a commercially use that Theta couple of days or weeks or months or whatever, but make sure that not everything will be available on and on and on for the future. Replacing with find from one day to the next going to going through lawsuits and going to court, so I would assume that this is forbidden anyway. If discrimination is identified as a driver. Now I would like to add that this kind of accusation could have been made to television broadcasters when they allowed for some advertisements to be certain times of the day when they would know some particular social. That’S exactly the person sitting in front of the TV is a 48 year-old computer scientist who likes beer, cheese and regulators and for good reasons I mean you’re not allowed to go to Target children a certain way. We just turned his face because there are many ways in which already media and advertisers and across-the-board from newspapers to television to radio are regulated. So I believe that there is a lot of foundation to build on in the laws that we have, because a lot of people are wondering do we need new laws, is going to be cumbersome, we’re going to regulate Innovation, but that is not the issue. The issue is, we have disruption from technology and it is best – and it is touching the heart of our liberal democracy, but we also want to be very, very clear, but we do not want to see this process and I think that’s human rights, fundamental freedoms., Fair Competition, free expression are those principles that should not be disrupted. Okay, we’re going to have to stop it. Take a look at this. This is inspired by recent incidents which persons former foreign minister, Boris Johnson, denied that he ever mentions. Turkey potentially joining EU during the brexit campaign, is inspired us to revisit this in fact or Faked. This week’s headline is turkey joining the EU. Will that is made in 2016 in one of nearly 1,600 Pro brexit, the official brexit campaign that leave on Tuesday to campaigns believe and d? U p vote to leave at the time it was produced. Turkey was involved in session negotiations. This means it had applied to be a member, but this process is not a guarantee of membership Sochi, two years ago in 1987 to join the European economic Community integration of the European Union. That’S what I slay in Sweden, France, Germany and other football coaches have a human rights concerns The Clash in March 2016. The European Union wanted turkey to help stop. If I get a migration and Refugee flows and up onto the deal it reopened accession talks. However, he has never progressed from that stage economy. Minister George Osborne told British TV that he would exercise a veto to stop turkey becoming an EU member. This claim, however, still see it on social media and leave campaign. Boris Johnson. He claimed on various TV programs that it was UK government policy for turkey to join the EU. Just like a very quick reaction of from do you believe that the fight against fake news is being one still thing to be One X if you’re even trying more to not using this for political issues, Invincible, encouraging rapid progress, the commission has put 5 million euros On the table, instead of two there can be more, I think we’re only scratching the surface and there will be a lot more with new technologies like deepfakes evolving. So what is important is that we get into the hood under the hood, the motor, the mechanism of how these businesses like Facebook and others work in order to have oversight and insight into what is and is not fake news. One of my testimony to check accident. Didn’t she Protec. She wasn’t paying with us. We’Ll see you in a well-known French heritage. Genius and France have as many other Hidden Treasures the odds, Gastronomy architect shot as well as Nature’s wonders come along with me for heritage princesses to a company’s corpsman and Farmers. Michelin star sporting chefs meet these people, whose passion for their professions preserve Android, French heritage, calm,
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We’re now less than four months from the next European elections. While in the past, candidates would have been worried about their speeches, TV appearances and leaflets, now the focus is on our phone screens, tablets and laptops. One European Commissioner recently talked about there being a “digital arms race” – as the various players jostle for our attention online and especially on social media.

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