Antonio Brown announces on Twitter that he’s done playing in the NFL | SportsCenter

Antonio Brown announces on Twitter that he’s done playing in the NFL | SportsCenter
Antonio Brown announces on Twitter that he’s done playing in the NFL | SportsCenter
Antonio Brown will not be playing in the NFL anymore. These owners can cancel. anytime. We will see if the nflpa hold them accountable, void, guarantees anytime, going on 40 million. Two months will see if they pay out so yeah. play Patriots. Obviously, both teams have parted ways. A to be continued, what do you make of this latest? It’S just another example of being delusional about how things go. You know, there’s certain, does a certain thing called accountability in the NF as far as, if you want to get paid, then there’s certain things that you have to do like number one be accountable number to show up. Number 3 do not engage in behavior that they consider to be conduct detrimental to the team that something that’s standard throughout the NFL, doing anything to Antonio Brown that they wouldn’t do to any other player if they acted the same way. But he seems to be wanting to operate under a different set of rules, different set of circumstances, and then he goes to social media. The kind of air out these things were quite honestly, I started laughing at this point. He really needs to have someone within his inner circle. Kind of grabbed them go. Okay, look man! This is how it works. You’Re, basically self-destructing here, you’re in the wrong here. If you want to get back in the league and actually can make some of this money and have your guarantees not voided in there’s a certain way that you have to act, it’s just that simple there are teams are interested. Quite honestly, I mean I cannot understand what Drew Rosenhaus is saying, but I’ll just say this right now is the risk really worth the reward? At this point, the number one team that figures you know what I’ll take the risk, because people buy into our culture and we know when maybe we can get them what’s the number one team at doing that cut the cord on Sonos, tried and true, and he Cut the cord, so you tell me why any other team would think I can do it constantly blaming others. If a certain team, I don’t know what team that would be, would feel as though, as this plays out, they get enough information to where they feel. Okay, you know what maybe it is worth the risk. I wouldn’t be shocked because we’ve seen it happen before we seen players who continue to get chances that you think that’s it. I will never say that that someone is done because there’s always maybe that one team, but I’d be hard-pressed to think he played this year for sure ESPN on YouTube for more Sports, more analysis, download the ESPN app in for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN + will see you there.
ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick reacts to Antonio Brown tweeting that he’s done playing in the NFL and explains how Brown isn’t doing himself any favors with his behavior.
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