Antonio Brown released by the Patriots | The Will Cain Show

Antonio Brown released by the Patriots | The Will Cain Show
Antonio Brown released by the Patriots | The Will Cain Show
Breaking news from ESPN’s Adam schefter, the New England, Patriots are releasing Antonio Brown and now on the shell. Pennzoil performance line is ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam schefter. Adam appreciate your time. Thanks for jumping on the will Cain show Telus basically moments ago, the New England Patriots released Antonio Brown. They released him with a statement that shed and I will reach you, will the Patriots are releasing Antonio Brown. We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past Sunday’s, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this point in time. He has now been in the last 2 weeks, cut by the Oakland Raiders cut by the New England Patriots traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers, basically cut away from the 30 million dollar contract in Auckland. The 15 million dollar contract in New England give Antonio Brown a chance. Next win the New England. Patriots say goodbye to you: that’s a kiss of death on a lot of people. I think, and if they’re saying goodbye, that that’s going to scare a lot of things off ESPN NFL, Insider Adam schefter, here on the will Cain show with the breaking news at the New England, Patriots have released. Antonio Brown will Adam. I know we both be speculating, but do you expect that some other team would take a gamble – Antonio Brown, if not this year at some point in the future, but will lit lit-lit lit-lit? Let’S also look at this first there’s an investigation, that’s ongoing that the league me to step in and say: okay T-Maxx, you want to sign him. We are not allowing you to do that. We are putting him on the commissioners. Blessed is the leaves have enough time now to gather more information, and so it’s going to be hard for him to do that right now and we’ll see how it how it rolls, but I don’t see any future information you jumped on our show. I mean appreciate in your best knowledge, was this a product of the accusations that came out in the past week or was this? What occurred in the past 24 hours? Were the news was out that he started texting? I don’t know if we should call it threats, but intimidating in Nation, about the accuser in a Sports Illustrated Illustrated profile deal with people will that I don’t think we’re thrilled to have him in the organization to begin with, and then when you get there, and there Are more and more Revelations and more more things that come out and it goes live from tb12 and starts talking with the devil, and then you see these four Street article on Monday and last night that reveal more harassment, if you will alleged harassment, I think also. I was wondering today when Bill Belichick press conference, Antonio Brown questions that was Aetna walked off team. This great team all is right there and your season is going to have this to deal with on a regular bit like do they want to do that to they have to do that? No, and so they made the decision to move on and and they cut him, I’m sure you have a ton of TV hit. You have to do so before you go I’ll. Just ask you a blank. Is there anything else you need to share with us anything else, any other information you have. I wish I had more. I don’t. I don’t think we’re surprised at this. I think of anyone in our company had sent the alleged text that Antonia Brown allegedly sent last night. We also would have been like today and that way and I’ve let him go really appreciate. Adam schefter, a show we just broke the New England. Patriots have released Antonio Brown. This was never going to work. It was never going to last win. The Patriots signed Antonio Brown. I said he would not be by the end of the season. Thirty minutes ago on this show today I said he should be released immediately. I said that this was a moment away from something bad and it was a moment away from ending Antonio Brown’s New England, Patriots, NFL player, and it has, I said several times throughout this process. That tigers do not change their stripes, and I think that who is mmm has proved true. Once again, that’s not to convict Antonio Brown. Have any accusations have been made against him over the last couple of weeks? That’S not to use allegations of sexual assault and rape as the nail in the coffin of Antonio Brown’s career. Rather, it is the accumulation of Antonio Brown’s proven actions and character proven professional football. Last night he texted one he chooses and a Sports Illustrated profile. He was in a group text chain with his lawyer and set what’s assistant and included the accuser wherein he called her broke berated her called her names and included pictures of her children. He asked his team to dig up information. He asked his team and intimidating way. Essentially, to go after her and included pictures of her children, this is not a person who can be trusted. This is not a person making wise decision. That is not a person exhibiting quality character, not a person should be in professional football. Not now, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube, four more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
NFL insider Adam Schefter joins The Will Cain Show to talk about the New England Patriots releasing Antonio Brown after just one game with the team amid multiple off-the-field allegations. Brown was traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders in the offseason.

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