Antonio Brown will play for the Raiders in Week 1, Jon Gruden says | NFL Live

Antonio Brown will play for the Raiders in Week 1, Jon Gruden says | NFL Live
Antonio Brown will play for the Raiders in Week 1, Jon Gruden says | NFL Live
The NFL is the best reality shows going right now to tell you that there’s always so much drama and everything, but again I’m going to supremely talented. So I’m not surprised, but it is an interesting way weave. I thought that was an entry interview near you guys didn’t say like as people that have played this game and brought me your freshly. I just a couple years it removed Army would be like what are we doing here. Please is there? Money is guaranteed and yelling at car. They really can’t do anything they’re married to him. There is no divorce they’re, so you know. I think that it will be interesting and, like I said and honest heartfelt apology, Brewton was like yeah. I got my guy he’s back. He’S going to run meeting so I’m telling you with 53 guys in it. Not everybody thinks the same. Everybody’s feel the same. But ultimately, when it comes to the coaches and the players, they want to win, win win football games, this mean for Mike Mayock, and I would follow that with and does it matter. I don’t want to go too far with Jose. Is that everything we’ve seen from Mike Mayock, he has had to play public back top right of me. First, he was the one that made the statement about you’re either all in or all out when we were dealing with, it was just a the GM. Is it going to be pause, playback. Very clear earlier? It’S right here is that when we say heartfelt apology, it was not just in the teammates get better of started with mean that Mike Mayock he’s got a guy, that’s going to whimper or is going to wilt, but at the same time and needing an apology, professionalism. You have to believe that he, you know he with Antonia the first stop had to been. I would think Mike Mayock, then perhaps the captain, then the team you notes Gruden, was from the outside. The team with the captain’s is more impactful, if he’s by himself and in the captains are kind of sitting back like have my back, I’m sorry, the younger guys. They know if you’re, a rookie or second or third, your player you’re, just trying to figure it out. You don’t know what I remember my rookie year, Hang On by the skin of my teeth. So when you’re, when you’re a veteran you understand, things will be active Monday night 0 % shock Antonio Brown win for 150 receiving yards inspector. I think people forget how good this guy is. Nothing he’s going to get so many targets, my opinion and with all this media attention that he’s been getting. That is, that is his. That is his therapy Zone. I’M comfortable right now, I’m playing football. A lot of guys are like that there on the football field, they’re very comfortable cork week, 17 ends up not, but in that game against the Saints which the Steelers nearly One in New Orleans right away, two touchdowns ridiculous 200-yard game. Like special write, your point, we got 48 at where the 48 hours or Sports more analysis download the ESPN app for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN plus we’ll see you there.
Wendi Nix, Field Yates, Damien Woody and Rob Ninkovich react to Jon Gruden saying Antonio Brown will play for the Oakland Raiders in Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season vs. the Denver Broncos. It was previously reported that the team was planning to suspend AB for his confrontation with GM Mike Mayock, but Josina Anderson reported Friday that Brown issued an “emotional apology” to the team at practice.

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