Antonio Brown’s behavior is frustrating – Randy Moss | NFL Countdown

Antonio Brown’s behavior is frustrating – Randy Moss | NFL Countdown
Antonio Brown’s behavior is frustrating – Randy Moss | NFL Countdown
His tweets this morning confirmed that everybody who, when he got picked up by the Patriots, was saying this was all a part of his plan right like crazy. Like a fox, this was all his clearly there’s no planning involved in any of this to just be going by how he feels by the moment, and I’m sure this is nowhere near over. But Randy you saw him saying he’s done in the NFL you buying that him saying that he’s done. That’S him saying it, but what is the National Football League saying? There’S one thing that really stands out to me and you know I’ve been saying for the last couple of months about just shutting up and playing football, and now you know you’re here at home, tweeting on Sunday, that’s our day, go out there and do what we Love to do and you’ve been to Pittsburgh, you been Oakland, you been to the defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots up to today. Where is the accountability for his actions and everything and everybody else out nothing on himself and so player. Looking at another player, caliber is very frustrating to see everything that’s going on now. It’S like we’re sitting here, like the football field, we cannot focus on the game of football and now that he doesn’t have football, the people around him close, better, just pay attention to him and just keep him close. Can you get signed by the defending Super Bowl champion? They welcome you they’re the best quarterback head coach combo in the history of the game. They put you out there on the very first game today, force-feed you, the ball. They get you the touchdown. They welcomed. You welcome you everything off in the behind you if you are due five million bucks on Monday and you still and you still can’t control yourself when that happens. I look at. It was like a rock bottom right here and didn’t realize where he is like Randy saying there is no accountability at the say. You know what maybe some of this is not all of it is on me and I got to work on myself. He can’t play for anybody in the league. Trust me he’s done, it’s a privilege to play and coach in the National Football League yeah. Alright, the NFL’s going to go and you’re not going to be out there. I should tell my players all the time that some of the best athletes in the world Street and nobody gives a rat’s about him because commit crimes do they drop out of school and it’s unfortunate. But right now forget about he’s done. Another word about this guy. In life in general relationship between decisions in the subsequent consequences to come, along with me, appropriate you’re, going to have consequences and in the NFL, what’s interesting about what you just talked about in the NFL dudes, there’s a propensity to give people Second Chances. Third chances were sometimes in Pittsburgh, some the things he was doing in Oakland and the things he was doing in Oakland or just ridiculous. I’Ve never even heard of this, for so many players in the NFL one guy, one guy is using it as an excuse to not be with his teammates one guy, and you know you have management sitting there behind them back and back and back in. At some point time, you would think most people who kind of think rationally would go. You know what maybe I need to take accountability. Hey. You know what I need to change my behaviour a little bit. Otherwise the consequences are going to be good. Love yourself running around in your backyard talk about I’m free you’re, free from what this team was willing to pay you a mint and you’re free. Okay, then you go to the place where you guys at. Why would he do this and he still saying I’m going to give you another shot. Yeah imma give you another race, winner of all-time, taking a personal interest in you and you still won’t stop. You tell me why you would give him another chance at this point. If I think there is still a chance for him to play in the NFL pick up at first, it starts with that accountability where to meet him saying to himself okay, I got to step away and I got to work on myself. There’S some things. I’Ve got to fix and I’m going to do that, however long that play rehab process about accountability and not playing by the rules. One of the reasons, one of the many reasons is because he hasn’t had to be time and time again, we’ve seen people pass him along make concessions for the things he’s and, as you know, a very talented people, that’s what our society does. If you have Supreme talent and ability, something that we have semen Society, we let stuff go, and this is what you end up getting some time. Obviously there will be a lot more to come out about this. The NFL still doing their investigation. Who knows what’s going to happen? I mean in the NFL right now, download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Randy Moss, Tedy Bruschi, Rex Ryan, Louis Riddick and Sam Ponder react on NFL Countdown to Antonio Brown’s behavior on social media after tweeting he is done with the NFL and detail if there is any chance he plays in the league again.
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