Antonio Brown’s image will never be the same – Stephen A. | First Take

Antonio Brown’s image will never be the same – Stephen A. | First Take
Antonio Brown’s image will never be the same – Stephen A. | First Take
The imagery that he’s created, which, by the way, is going to be substantiated by folks inside the Pittsburgh, Steeler locker room, who had to deal with that for a few years without ever telling a soul. Now that the cat is out of the bag. Combined with this stuff, he will always be as great as he is. We will never just talk about his greatness as a football player. We will always be talked about anytime. We see God’s act up will be referring, compare to the antoniobrown Fiasco in Oakland. Not so much this because we don’t know the facts, we have no idea we’re not judging him. We don’t know that much was clear. I don’t think his reputation. His Image will ever recover from the night before do that, because Tim reputations can change for better. For worse, the question is beyond repair. for serious situation, and not this is not very serious. It’S obviously is but Ray Lewis’s was even more and Ray Lewis has gone back to being a respected member of polite Society. You know, and so would you say that moment that Ray Lewis’s reputation had been damaged Beyond repair yeah, I dissent. How do you put that back together and get it was Mike Vick, Michael Vick, very big deal was made about his legal issues and his especially people feel very strong. It’S like from the inside out came out and Mike Vick is a guy who people put up like look, you can be rehabilitated, you know whatever the severity of the crime. Now, as you said, this is a Skittle. We don’t know all the facts. This is a civil case, However, the fact that we do know are even just what he texted already on my guy. You put that in a text message or admitting to that sounds by definition: that’s not consensual away. Yet if we table the latest allegations or the latest lawsuit and just look at what he’s done, selfish people under the bus, publicly etcetera sure it is a version, maybe more extreme, of Chad, Johnson or to of from the previous generation of receivers. If Chad, Johnson or or Tia wants to come on this show, would we talk to them? Take me to a place even be in the same breath as this type of allegations, but what I’m saying is Ray Lewis in polite Society. Give me up at 11 P. Quite the same, but you can, if not exclude you from well, let me Enlighten you about a couple of things. Ray Lewis got into the situation that he got into an individual was murdered, I believe, stabbed to death. If I remember correctly, I’m not sure I don’t have a story in front of me.. I just I’m just going on memory here. It was a divided. Some would argue along racial lines at that particular moment in time, because on one hand he was viewed as somebody who was potentially a murder or participated in the murder golden snitch. The guilty to obstruction of justice can American Community. It was like he didn’t snitch on somebody, whether you like it or not. That’S it was divided alone. Can we guess you have animal lovers out? There obviously wants is exactis the fact that he lost you able to look at at the time. He lost 9 figures and, on top it off, he spent time in a federal penitentiary. What is what is girl with the combination of both and nation of punishment population that we living in this Society? If something would have happened and Antonio Brown found himself incarcerated actually be willing to forgive you’re describing is the remedy and ultimately, what people want to see if there’s some kind of change description of how he can rehabilitate His Image. But we don’t have that and I’m looking at this highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Stephen A. Smith does not expect Antonio Brown’s image to ever recover after all the drama with the Oakland Raiders, but Max Kellerman says Brown’s image is not beyond repair.
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