Antony Phillipson on Brexit: We’ve made an enormous amount of progress

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Antony Phillipson on Brexit: We’ve made an enormous amount of progress
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Antony Phillipson on Brexit: We’ve made an enormous amount of progress
Turning me now Anthony philipson, Her Majesty’s trade commissioner for North America, British consul-general in New York chooses Americans more than the idea that the brexit is here there a certain date set, and it seems like a very laborious, complicated process when we usually expect things to end. When they’re going to end, what do you make of it? So, as you say it’s, it’s! No one’s done this before 50 price 2017. That ends at the end of March 2019 and 46 days time. We have made an enormous amount of progress, but I think cuz. He has, I told people here in New York and when you look at it from the outside, I think we’ll really. Where are we getting too, and I think the answer is we are getting to a moment where the UK leave the EU. Is the richest people decided they wanted to do? What was your relationship to trade relationship? We just want to know where the money is where it’s going and how we’re all going. How will the UK in the United States, make out in the trade relationship in the special relationship, so I think they’re a huge opportunities, and that is one of the key points of focus for us here in the US – is how do we deliver on brexit in The way that to do three things, if I met one, is how do we leave the EU in a smooth only way that doesn’t disrupt, as you say, that enormous amount of investment that the US and put in the UK upworks hasn’t already left the barn Crossroad? Any Financial Services with Aerospace, Life Sciences, II, retro, second thing we need to do – is we need to prepare for the opportunities of brexit and the ability of the UK in us to do a trade deal to deepen and strengthen our economic skip in the future, and Then the third thing we need to do because I think again, this is why there’s been a really huge and important us commitment of the Decades isn’t supported the northern town in peace process. So we can leave and go to the Future and not disrupt peace process. 29 Marge there’s the deadline. Do you make it? Yes, I think we do. I mean there is a lot to be done and there’s some big debates coming up, including in Our House of Commons, that we are going to keep negotiating his Honda. Prime minister is tooken or taken message delivering on the brexit. Do British people buy the 29th about some cabinet ministers believe the Theresa May May resign the summer? All I was saying that is. The prime minister has been committed from the getting is committed now delivering on the brexit that works in the British people to live is on the referendum, result and maximizes opportunities to deepen our partnership in the US, sir. These are Uncharted territories.
HM Trade Commissioner for North America Antony Phillipson discusses his outlook on Brexit and Britain’s trade relationship with the United States.

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