Archeologists find treasure in aftermath of Alberta fire

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Archeologists find treasure in aftermath of Alberta fire
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find September Wildfire ravish Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta leaving one of Canada’s natural Treasures chard and desolate this Parts Canada video gives a silver in view of the devastation the fire nearly 200 square kilometers of forest and wiped out a lot of Park infrastructure about 80% of the trails were closed at the start of the season but the park does remain popular staff or busy doing repairs and working to make the parks for visitors at fire created work for another group of people and they couldn’t be happier there researchers Keen to study a treasure Trove of artifacts and other historical Clues laid bare by The Blaze this evening finally done went to see what they found out there’s a possibility that a piece of a puzzle will be found each artifact adding to the story of the Blackfoot people who use this in the last 300 years and the team of archaeologist can only see an Explorer because of last year’s destructed wildfire absolutely amazing it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that are laid bare revealing Treasures that have been hidden just below the surface painting a clear picture of all the Blackfoot people lived finds like these trading beads document their first contact with European fur Traders and the fire allowed the team to go back even further in time it revealed Trails used by the Blackfoot people up to 1000 years ago for finding so much that we’re starting to rewrite what we thought we knew about how about Waterton history and Indigenous camps in history walk where your ancestors walk I feel very strongly connected to almost as all the prehistoric sites that we are seeing today the nearby kainai Nation so this professional project is intensely personal my first project 0.0 so happy I found in this site the see what they hunted the Bison with it is very uplifting I guess connected me a lot too and like to DeLand to my ancestors depression relief building a road through the park the archaeologists are finding Rock foundations of structures and the remnants of Camp Life Food stores are finding me tens as well The Narrative of what happens here is enriched by finds like a needle case and a boy scout but access to the site without vegetation is an opportunity to make more robust the permanent historical record all of these outlines and three-dimensionally and then they can be plotted on to maps and then we’ll verify that with archival photos and real photos as well and then kind of build-up and create the story for this site there’s a narrow window for it all running out of time but awhile what a ride team is helping to dig deeper and go back even further in time over the next several years carolingian CBC News Waterton National Park
Archeologists have found a treasure trove of artifacts laid bare after a wildfire ravaged Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta. CBC’s Carolyn Dunn reports.

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