Arctic wildfires on the rise in Canada

Arctic wildfires on the rise in Canada
Arctic wildfires on the rise in Canada
Scientists are keeping a close watch on more than one hundred fires burning in the Arctic. Kyle reports 2019 is turning out to be an unprecedented year. The first fires up here the second week of June in Siberia that caught the attention of scientists to monitor wildfires. They say the wildfires appeared and there’s more of them by that we can see burning above the Arctic Circle with many others just below it. Exact number is turkey because they are so remote with so few people on the ground. Observing them, plumes of smoke can be seen from space, including this fire. Greenland, along with tracking the number of fire scientists, are also interested in emissions June, saw and missions rise to ten times the average of previous years, taking thousands of years to accumulate, and so that matter of a few days or a few weeks, you can see the Loss of hundreds of you, as well as an accumulation in neutral and those emissions, Natural Resources, Canada says what conditions are dry. Fire activity is just average in the Canadian Arctic and it’s too hard to tell if more Arctic fires is going to be the new normal forecaster say we’ll have to wait next year to see if this is a trend or if, in fact, it’s just an unusual Year, cake aisle CBC News: Yellowknife
Scientists are keeping their eyes on more than 100 fires burning in the Arctic, saying 2019 appears to be an unprecedented year for their numbers and emissions. Their numbers and size fluctuate from year to year. But this year is notable, said Mark Parrington, a senior scientist at the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts.

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