Are any members of Trump’s family in legal trouble?

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Are any members of Trump’s family in legal trouble?
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Seminole State indictments are only a matter of time without signing any actual hard evidence so what really is coming down the pike spring it down with our Legal Eagles former deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman with us tonight Passion Play what democratic Congressman Steve Cohen has to say about potential indictment of people close to the president I think they’re getting closer going to come out that there was a activities with the Trump campaign and Russia and releasing those hacks and guiding them to the states and localities where they came from some of that was Jared kushner’s responsibilities some up it was Donald jr. I think you’re going to probably see in Dighton the both of those people that’s a pretty bold statement is quite a bit more than the public knows and to speculations about Dino’s are as likely as not to be unfounded now there is reason to think based on the Michael Cohen developments that Donald Trump jr. in particular is in the crosshairs he does seem to have been particularly involved in he does seem to have lied about it and you could see him as a logical investigative Next Step but in general Mueller from the start has has been methodical and professional and anyone who tells you what’s happening next is likely just speculating now needs to come back before the Senate Judiciary Committee in public and under oh now this is promoting part because of statements we’ve gotten from Michael calling the president former personal attorney this is what Senator Lindsey Graham a Republican he’s on record Cohen is and if he’s got something new to say don’t leak at the NBC News you need to come to thee the Judiciary Committee the Intel committee or both and be willing to say what you’re going to say under oath and to EV American if I were you I would be very suspicious of Michael coin right now or the Russia investigation I’m in a 120 tell here is that if this Cohen prosecution had to do with the Mueller and Russia investigation Mueller wouldn’t have handed it off to the US attorney’s office in the southern district of New York and that would have been a clue do us that this whole investigation involves that Russia collusion it seems not to completely agree with Senator Graham oh so you know their audiences for that he’s made some remarks have been leaked by his you know lawyers and is not represented by a Clinton ISTA inside circle of the Clinton Administration and so that’s you know very fishy and also lawyer you know what lawyer does this kind of behavior number one in a patient’s clients throws his clients under the bus in the media leaks to the media outrageous behavior I think it’s a very non credible witness and finally I don’t think that Donald Trump jr. as any don’t worry about based on Michael Collins uncorroborated unverified and frankly I’m trustworthy statements in the media you know I said it’s been a flirtation for several months has never been real it’s bogus I would get the advice I would give his don’t do it because he has committed crimes and he’ll either find himself having to lie about or he’ll cop in it and inculpating self by the way the Cohen stuff very much concerns trump it just doesn’t concern the Russia part of trump but clearly if Cohen can be corroborated there’s much reason to think it’s up it’s like the other trial you have a suspicious witness you see about the corroborating evidence if he can operate it goes right to the president for a lawyer to say that. Knowing what the evidences that’s unfortunate but secondly know and he’ll know the presidential definitely not sit down with Mother under the circumstance
Democrats predict legal troubles ahead for Trump Jr. and Kushner; panel debates on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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