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in the phone west of China evidence is building but a monstrous crime is taking place the mass incarceration about to a million people these photographs found my Wii expert and verified by Human Rights Watch a picture show hundreds of Muslim prisoners in readjudication camps airbrush the satellite images of the week you can see the progress compacts for the gods found these images on Google Earth then troll fruit tenders for construction and Staffing for the can unlocked is another useful Source local official propaganda State media reports we have budget figures we also have a procurement and construction bids this is on top of eyewitness reports on nubra Locust informants the same education campaign in prisons we can Muslims full speeding them the values of the Chinese Communist Party how many people are locked up in Chains Adrian Zen’s believes it could be an astonishing figure 200000 in from different reports eyewitnesses also the fact that streets are empty and also the fact that we hardly ever hear of anybody being released from these camps rather ongoing detainments reports of this being close to a million even slightly over 1 million or increasingly likely New Hampshire no I’m not spells trouble in 2009 deadly riots against beijing’s heavy hind erupted in urumqi and many Han Chinese were targeted Terror attacks in Syria this is trying to solution with an iron fist what’s the most heavily monitored place on the earth it learns his trade pacifying to back late 2016 arrived in Shenyang we can see Police recruitment multiplying spiking by maybe 10 times or more the previous levels and the education campaign you still has his truck down two witnesses pooping inside China’s go like I have now goes down for that country funny what’s happening on the ground in jinjiang is not easy they speak of a multibillion-dollar surveillance system and the level of intrusion into Thorson mind that hasn’t been seen since the cultural revolution people really front in the speaking out so we travel to me to week or so waiting to talk to us but let us know what to say where the end of the power and reach of the Chinese state what’s happening in the comes he has to be filmed anonymously he says he was allowed into a Detention Center to visit he described as he answered the camp it was time they were at least 1200 people holding empty plastic bottles in that they had to sing Pro Chinese songs to get food I never dreamt the place was so huge the windows were barred from the lights I knew there were many more people inside as well estimate at least three and a half thousand people in that extremism involves indoctrination the entire where your community with a lot of China on the policy the coolest transformation for Education transformation for Education means changing party slogans reciting party toward and self-criticism sessions as I knew some of the people sitting down in front of him but something was very wrong they would like robots they seem to have lost souls I knew many of the well we used to sit and eat together but now they didn’t look normal to me they behaved I would like someone who lost their memory after a car crash I was going to come to help his family member when you go to cool from the police demanding he returned to the camp he fled China the week is say the abuse isn’t just psychological we’re on our way to meet your mom he says he was a prisoner in every Education Center in Terre my you run a travel business he says I shouldn’t shine authorities accused him of aiding Islamic extremist a charge he denies he says the police tortured him but I don’t they have a chair my ankles was Shackled my hands looks into the chair I couldn’t move they wouldn’t let me sleep whips made from Twisted wire needles to piss the skin pliers for pulling out your nails all these tools were displayed on the table in front of me and ready for use it anytime and you could hit other people screaming as well he says after the police torture he was moved to a camp where he had to sell the size of this room with 45 of a prisoners it was so cramped they slept in shifts then he faced transformation education education how’s that work they say sing red songs thank the Percy sing like a robot you do whatever you’re told it’s impossible to verify what they told us is going on inside these camps but Buffon Witnesses similar terms about reeducation on the logic behind China’s transformation through education camps report for psychology counseling behavioral correction and sort education speak English brainwashing in Britain is no service facing it to say the weekly Community is terrified rahima mooch is a Wego musician based in London the years she’s been fighting to keep her culture history alive she doesn’t even know what her family is she hasn’t heard from them in almost two years I’ve been calling them one by one every day get hold of them I started becoming worried because I’m very worried scared in the end my brother he picked up the cold and I said why my sisters in the other brother’s not picking up the phone and he said they do did the right thing they’re doing the right thing and he said they’re not really kind of distressed and crumbling boys said please Honda’s to God’s hand and that we hunt you to cause her to and that’s the last conversation I had this medication comes up prison security against islamist rats rahima believes with something Elsa’s going on they have to find the people who responsible they don’t have to look up over million people this is not nothing about against Islamic terrorism this is complete black-and-white ethnic cleansing how many of your friends and family are in the ridge patient Elvis sister younger brother so for my immediate family there are more than 20 people in the camps we are looking at systematic long-term Nation people are having to renounce many tenants of the religion that you do not have to engage and self-criticism they have to memorize party slogans there to sing songs of thanks if that is not brainwashing then what is Bridgeport China says there is no such thing as so cold reeducation come soon shouldn’t Jang a growing body of evidence suggests otherwise dancing at least one part of China on the president Xi Jinping the country has gone back to the harshest cruelties of German Maritime to mass incarceration torture and brainwashing don’t sweetie that will the Chinese Embassy in the UK told us tonight that will lessen it groups are equal in jinjiang and a statement it said people should enjoy as another provinces and regions in China and joyful freedom of religious belief no more religious activities are protected by law has taken loeffel and effective methods including Education and Training to prevent the infiltration and spread of religious extremism the measures not only help those lost stream missed ideas to find a way back but also provided them with employment training for them to build a better life. Statement from the Chinese Embassy
Eye-witnesses and human rights experts claim up to 1 million people are being held in ‘re-education camps’ in China.

In the north west province of Xinjiang in China, evidence is growing that hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uyghurs are being incarcerated by the authorities in ‘re-education camps’.

A Newsnight investigation has interviewed two witnesses who say they have been inside the camps and have now managed to flee China.

They say that the Uyghurs suffer physical torture and psychological thought control. The Chinese state has consistently denied the existence of the camps.

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