Are The 2020 Democrats Doing Enough In The Wake Of Trump’s Racist Attacks? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Are The 2020 Democrats Doing Enough In The Wake Of Trump’s Racist Attacks? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Are The 2020 Democrats Doing Enough In The Wake Of Trump’s Racist Attacks? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
He spreads 58. I need does it for no other reason of a 2-1 invigorate is base and then to to divide so people don’t notice what else is going on speed, blind and deaf, because he didn’t hear what they were saying that I don’t understand. Raising the issue of across the country, some of Trumps opponents blasting him after those send her back chance, rose up from the audience at that rally in North Carolina and went 13 seconds before being interrupted by the president. They were specifically targeting congresswoman Omar one of the four Congress women. The president has spent these past few days. Attacking Bernie Sanders today posted that he was with the Minnesota. You said she was unfazed and he went on to write. Elon has incredible courage. She won’t back down to trumps hate, and neither will we Politico magazine earlier in the week when Trump defended himself against charges of racism. Insisting many people agree with me. It was crowns like these. He almost certainly had in mind, but until right then, and there he hadn’t, heard directly from them live audience, feeding back direct proof that this was something he could keep running on back with us are a b Stoddard and Eliza Collins, a B. I want to play something from our mutual friend host of the 4 p.m. Eastern hour here in a call Wallace on the air. Just today, everything get on an airplane, go to the go to the steps of the Capitol go to a central location in Des Moines. Iowa hold hands, even if you hate each other and say this is who we are baby. It struck me as a very good question and the kind of like to pass along to you. The Democrats are going through this so-called purity test. They in this they can chew, gum and walk at the same time that the systemic societal issues they want to go about fixing can also be in the form of a candidate. Do you see a unifier out they’re? The kind of person Nicole, was just talkin about essential questions. Joe Biden is still the lead polar. He is the person that most people have expressed faith and confidence in in 1 Mission, which is to be Donald Trump. This is also a very divided party and Donald Trump is onto a few things to chant last night was repugnant, but she knows there’s a constituency for this, just as you described from politicos description of this, she knows that there is, or are going to give this Nominate, whoever it is hard time and they will exact the purity test, whoever ends up leading the party where’s, the party to Mary cities for he’s actually used that they’re married, that is Mary sense and so wall. The speaker will continue to fight with these people when they give her a hard time and say she’s cuddling. You know abusers and Detention Center, rushing this money off and not demanding more concessions from Republicans. This is 8 central question among Democrats, how we pulled together behind a nominee and who will it be? It is no longer unless he comes back Friday and describe to the party that the path forward is through the center in convincing terms, but he’s going to get so much heat from the left from now until the end of this race. And we just don’t know if he’s going to win it. Is it using your equally formidable powers of description? What must a republican member of Congress? Let’S say a member of Congress that just scooted by in the last election to defend, protect that seat with this going on in Arizona who actually lost in 2018 and with a pointed to a c but is up in 2020, she was on her phone every time. She walks past reporters. They do not want to talk about this. It is incredibly uncomfortable because, while the base certainly does had agreed president or have appeal to the president on this, there are a whole lot of Americans that deeply deeply disagree, and these Republicans and toss districts and states have to win over a lot more than the Base but they also can’t lose the base and so they’re in it’s very tough predicament. We saw people not talking about these comments for about 48 hours and then till last night, when we saw the chance happen, Republicans did start to come out today. I’M criticized the chance that they were not to criticize the president, and that is just kind of feels how they’re trying to have it both ways here, it’s very uncomfortable for them. Thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube, subscribe just below me or click on this list and see lots of other great videos,
The Democrats hoping to challenge Trump in 2020 have been quick to condemn the president’s racist attacks, but is more required in this moment? A.B. Stoddard and Eliza Collins react.
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Are The 2020 Democrats Doing Enough In The Wake Of Trump’s Racist Attacks? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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