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are you wearing trying us did you know that they could actually be making some kind of political statement that you might not even agree with take Nike Free example what are your thoughts on black lives matter New Balance do you like President Donald Trump Speedy Wok China really really interesting history so you will want to be listening to this David trainers all political on Frankie and I’m going to tell you why huge advertising campaign and they’ve hired Colin Kaepernick he is quite a controversial guy he played in the NFL league and he played for San Francisco 49ers police brutality and racism school in America and the national anthem twins with saying this was disrespectful even Donald Trump came out your love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a dr. field right now out he’s fired let’s look at organic a face it’s the kind eyes but serious antioch’s have Brandon Wellington this you’re mad don’t burn me like you send them to me I wear size 12 thank you it sounds really really angry therapy burning that trainers other I’ve been cutting up that sucks but this is what the company had to say about yet we believe calling is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation foods to help me support Ford some kind of new stories New Balance you need to try this with a big and on them they have been described as comfortable this and that’s because the vice president of the company paid to be self-supporting Donald Trump especially when it came and Hillary Clinton guess what I did is another’s but then you balance between is next up is Phoebe’s boyfriend the two guys actually set up my device and Puma would actually members of the Nazi party and they were two brothers together until they have this massive set up the two separate companies not so new if you go way back in time back to 1968 during the Olympics there were two other guys that made a bit of a stand to u.s. Prince’s gold medal and bronze medalist are metals they put a fist in the air with their head and that was a statement for black power they also needed necklaces against lynching and they took the train is off it makes you think that I like to make to decide that side note that side anything you want us to explain quiet blow nothing too difficult please we will give it a try today and subscribe
Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick is the newest face of Nike’s Just Do It campaign, a move which has divided opinion – and even caused some people to cut up their Nike clothes.

Kaepernick caused controversy in 2016 for kneeling during the American national anthem before matches.

But Nike is not the only company that got involved in a political debate, so are trainers the new political battleground?

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