Are we prepared for the next tsunami?- BBC News

Are we prepared for the next tsunami?- BBC News
There are seismic fault lines running underneath Indonesia’s many islands, any one of which can lead to an earthquake and tsunami. The tsunami that hit Pollard came within 10 minutes of the Quake systems in place off the coast. Did the Texas tsunami laundry fails to one people in time contributing to the scale of the disaster? That’S a lot of people are asking how reliable are the tsunami warning systems in places around the world? There are various type stop racing across the globe, but will take a look at high some of those operate shortly. First, let’s take a look at the system off the Indonesian Coast, set up with International support as an estimated cost of a hundred million dollars. The system was originally designed to great using your network, a floating boys, to relay information on seismic activity and sea levels to detection stations by satellites. But the system for the boys were frequently stripped of their valuable Parts, bypassing hoping to make a profit on selling what they find and cost became prohibitive by 2018. Most boys have failed and none have even been deployed in the vicinity of the latest Indonesian tsunami. Instead system of title gauges and seismic monitor is where I’m Place wanted to take to the earthquake cut some Pollard meant that tsunami communication system failed to warn the population, my Sirens or text messages, but even if the boys had been working, they may not even helped For the boy to be useful, give me the time for the wave come to get to the Bowie, and then you need some time for the signal to go to the satellite come back. So if the earthquake happens very very close, you really don’t have time to do that. The tsunami arrived within 10 minutes after the earthquake. Showing this case is the best you can hope for is. Essentially your warning is the earthquake. So what can be learned from other one systems around the globe since the Indian Ocean Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 and on system to detect tsunami waves have been put in place across the world’s oceans? United States has the most advanced technology cool. And it uses to census, boys and satellites Australia uses the same kind of Technology also has a sophisticated seismic and boy detection system, but it has something else too. Part of the system is the way the Japanese government has invested in public education as soon as strong shaking or we grind motion continues for an extended period in coastal regions. People told not to wait for tsunami warning, but you immediately evacuate to the safety of Playa Grande. No warning system is foolproof and can even fail catastrophically in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, but improve public education, as in Japan, is the most basic but effective address. For populations at risk,
The recent tsunami in Indonesia has caused widespread death and destruction, but could it have been avoided? Reality Check looks at the country’s early warning system and compares to systems around the world.

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