Ask America: How does Trump affect your life – BBC News

Ask America: How does Trump affect your life – BBC News
Donald Trump releasing more enthusiasm, I’m seeing more employers, you know, say God and we’ve got all these great jobs coming. I wish I didn’t vote for him. I would love for him in a heartbeat and try to make it a country club easier for me to roll. My eyes be offended. My respect for my fellow Americans go down very very I do not like him he’s affect impacted My Life by raising the level of discussion between myself and I I have to be very quiet when I go home to visit my family through very large Trump supporters. Just want to go, beat your head against the wall just say progressive. I think someone like Donald Trump has been instigating a lot more violence, a lot more hate. Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting asked to leave a restaurant if she went out to eat him who was elected by the American people to be the American president.
We asked people from a dozen US states how they think Donald Trump has changed things for them.

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