Ask America: We want to tell your stories – BBC News

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Ask America: We want to tell your stories – BBC News
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Ask America: We want to tell your stories – BBC News
The BBC wants to answer important question facing the us today and we need your help sooner than you think, with our new series called Ask America, but who are we? We are BBC News. Journalists told me stories all across the country like this one about the many jobs at Oklahoma has to work to make ends meet. Yes, I knew what I was getting into today. I think I wasn’t going to receive a raise in 2 years. Absolutely not or this one is talking about a Stanford grad move back to his hometown, especially by problem-solving like immigration, Education, Health Care, but we’d love to hear from you. If there’s something happening in your neck of the woods that you think would be interesting to the BBC’s Global audience be out and about in the coming weeks to highlight your story, ideas in answer your questions. Co., Uk BBC asked America come on. Ask America hey it’s Hannah, I’m one of the video journalists who may be coming to your city or town if you’re interested in watching the videos we mentioned about the teachers or the mayor go ahead and click the link to my left. Thanks for watching
The BBC is sending its video journalists across the US to find and tell your stories. What matters to you in 2018 and beyond? What topics would you like us to cover? Leave us a comment below.

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