Assisted dying: ‘I just wish the law let me have him for a little longer’ – BBC News

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Assisted dying: ‘I just wish the law let me have him for a little longer’ – BBC News
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Assisted dying: ‘I just wish the law let me have him for a little longer’ – BBC News
Me when you go to hospital Brave, it’s mine, you have to you, have to support him Donnie. They only said that really you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy particular day, the final weeks or possibly months, which I didn’t really want to go through, that. reconciled. The fact that she may be interviewed when she came back that’s most unusual and that’s because an anonymous call is received by the social services and it’s the police sister in the domestic abuse unit, to follow that up with a police woman and a detective sergeant. And they were clearly not expecting to find a non abusive situation because a very embarrassed about the whole thing and he could no longer do anything for himself. I told not even the slightest bit of help to phone. He can’t press numbers, he can feed himself. He wears before he could hold. You had to make a decision as to whether to and Eagleton assist Jeff to commit suicide. I’M expected to do have an argument with him. I couldn’t do that know if he’s if he said ring this hotel ring this time, which is what he did. Of course I did it for him is decided to write. This is a side with a total person in state and having established that, but I found him with his head in his hand and he was just sobbing he said everything. Is it full to protect you as old being blown apart by this Anonymous phone? Call? It’S the last two years I became completely terrified the control away from me, weather widgets, good for you that you have this Legacy off your dad of the law about changing what needs to be changed. The ACT to be designed so that any rational person of who’s in full control of his mind Anyway by the people without any fear of prosecution. The moment of your policy is a matter for the Almighty. difficult, because I I I always respect, but I expect to be able to participate in with the me when you go to husband to spray. If it’s mine you have to you, have to support him. He’S the one who’s been yes, I will. I just just want him, but I know that it shows to do its right. I wouldn’t put an animal through what he would go through if he went to the end. I just wish the Lord allow me to have him. I really do
Geoff Whaley had motor neurone disease and decided to end his life rather than experience the final stages of the illness.

Assisted suicide is illegal in the UK, so he and his wife Ann travelled to a clinic in Switzerland.

They had been campaigning to try to get the UK to change its law, and met peers and MPs to explain their views.

The couple spoke to BBC Home Editor Mark Easton during Geoff’s final days.

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