At least 6 killed and 7 still missing as Carr fire scorches miles of land | ABC News

the state of seated California the death toll growing for firefighters a grandmother to great-grandchildren among the victims tonight three major wildfires burning but there are many more from one end of the state to the other the largest the car fire in the North fire department from hundreds of miles away from the Flames but from powerful wins the fire creates trees flattened you can see it looks like a tornado blew right through tonight entire neighborhoods are now gone more than 800 homes destroyed fire alone this evening the grandfather who lost his wife and great-grandchildren and those four firefighters on the front lines and two separate fires when the Flames engulf them ABC’s Kayna Whitworth from California tonight with more than 12,000 firefighters battling nine large fires in California alone the biggest one the car fire scorching 150 square miles this as we’re seeing you images showing that tornado of fire from the are growing it what was the weight late Thursday afternoon eating its way through entire communities gridlock on the roads evacuees racing to get out everybody was three-by-three on this road gridlocked evacuated families who have the chance to see what’s left to say it now like this it’s pretty it’s pretty difficult reading police chief Rodger Moore taking us to his home of 19 years now recognizable kids live their entire lives in this house except her stuff have a really low fat digesting yet presidents to be just put out this fire down here with their garden hoses and it’s already spark back up so now he’s going back there’s a helicopter coming in right here the blaze cleaning at least six lives among them seven-year-old Melody Bledsoe and her two great-grandchildren five-year-old James and four-year-old Emily coming at our house now home 7 others remain missing and at the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite National Park Captain Brian Hughes of the arrowhead HotShots was killed by falling tree Sunday a Pillar of Strength for that Hotshot crew port in earlier many of them there’s nothing to go back to these big destructive buyers are now The New Normal firefighter say it’s basically everyone’s worst nightmare and we haven’t even hit Peak fire season yet here in California David in another week to focus on the winds little less erratic now but the triple-digit heat yeah I got all about the heated this isn’t a Santa Ana wind of that it’s not yours by big scale wins driven by that heat which is going to persist for a little bit longer although the heat rid itself is shipping a little bit help California touch but driving the big heat into the Pacific Northwest I can tell you from being there air quality extremely poor even away from the fire lot of smoke tomorrow’s temperatures similar to sit and 90’s 100 get a little bit of a Pacific push mid-week so temperatures coolie bai freeform 85 degrees it’s not much David but we’ll take any coolant we can get this point I’m just back from California tonight thank you rob ABC News YouTube channel average click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
More than 12,000 firefighters are battling nine large blazes in California.


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