Auditor general flags growing backlog of asylum cases | Power & Politics

Auditor general flags growing backlog of asylum cases | Power & Politics
Auditor general flags growing backlog of asylum cases | Power & Politics
For several years now, Canadians have washed the surgeon number of asylum-seekers cross into Canada in between official points of Entry raisin question: can this country handle that influx? According to the federal Watchdog? Canada’S immigration system is not flexible enough and hazard. The backlog of cases is ballooning. Cbc’S Karina Roman – it’s here to tell us more about this. Fine with the processing Asylum claims. Our system can’t cope with the influx that in 2017 and 2018 we saw a doubling of claimants over 2016, so we’re looking at now yearly more than 50,000 in 20 to 55,000 claimants, and you don’t because we can’t cope without backlog, so we’re looking at now. Over 70000 claimants in this backlog, which is much bigger, even then, the headline-grabbing backlogs of 2012 under the conservative government, so we can’t cope and we’re getting behind now. The reasons for this is funding, but also their systemic problems in efficiencies, and the immigration Minister obviously had to respond to this today on, and he sends saying well, you know what the auto is that the auditor-general dated a snapshot in time. We’Ve done lots of things since any kind of try to spell out what they’ve been doing, including filling vacancies on the immigration Refugee board, but I think we have a clip of him trying to explain what they hope. The recent changes they’ve made will we are funding the immigration Refugee board to clear 50000 cases a year and that, hopefully, will lead to not only being able to deal with incoming volumes, but also to be able to leave some capacity to be able to process the Backlog Bank locations normal of over that wasn’t a year but also try and tackle the backlog, will have to obviously see whether that happens or not, but also the level of couldn’t help but say. But you know what also we inherited a really underfunded system from the conservatives, so there was a little bit of the blame game going on again conservative critic at immigration critic, Michelle Rempel certainly did had a response to that. This is what she had to say. First of all, I cannot believe that, like 6 weeks left in Parliament after 4 years that they are coming here and saying that it Stephen Harper’s fault that just totally ridiculous. So obviously you know there is some blaming going on and Michelle Rempel did have suggestions that you know. Of course, we’ve asked: what are you guys going to do, especially if you form government – and she talked about review results of that we’ve lifted visa requirements for some country.? She pointed to Mexico as an example, she talked about prioritizing immigrant refugees from certain countries and with skill levels, and that kind of thing can also lots of talk about trying to close the loophole in the candy us safe Third Country agreement. But it’s not like the Canadian government has been trying to do that. But it’s just you know, that’s a two-way agreement. We can do that. You know out early, so we’ll have to see it. We certainly won’t see whether they can solve this problem before the next election, and it will definitely be an election issue. The auditor-general for a beers that don’t know usually look through a number of different issues and essentially audits how the government is doing on them. Another one that the office looked at was what are not RCMP. Officers are adequately trained and equipped to handle an active shooter like the situation. They saw themselves in 5 years ago, back of course, unfortunately an end and tragically in Moncton, and what did he find there? You know they’re certainly improvements, but that not every RCMP officer is equipped that has the body armor or the semiotic. It said semi-automatic weapon called calibers that they wanted to make sure it was an M1 Hands-On and everyone’s body and Ava CSU mention distance time from this 2014 shooting were three RCMP Mount you through Nantes were killed, so not that it’s not because they haven’t ordered enough. It’S because they haven’t distributed properly, so they can’t say that everyone has, but they need to be safe, I’m so that is obviously a concern because you never know when one of these things might happen for sure. Okay. Thank you very much. 24. How does that compare to today and years past, most Refugee claimants are supposed to have a hearing scheduled within 60 days of their arrival in Canada, but that system was built in 2012 to manage about 22,500 claims at 1 and the number of asylum-seekers Crossing into Canada Has soared well beyond that last December? As a result, there were more than 71,000 people waiting for their claims to be heard that backlog has stretch the expected wait time for a vision is 16 months in 2017, 20 months in 2018, and the latest count and average two-year wait now projected to reach five Years by 2024, if the number of people seeking Asylum continues at this rate, Audrey Macklin is professor and chair in human rights law at the University of Toronto. She joins Bean out from Toronto to see you. Thank you for your time today with that headline. Basically, the report for on process Farm claims finding that if the number of new Asylum claim has remained steady at about 50,000 a year, the backlog will continue to grow and the wait time could double fight to five years by 2024. What is your reaction to that sort of headline? Well, I think the other two Generals Report points out that the reasons for this are internal to the IRB, as well as other branches of government that are dealing with Refugee claims and they can be managed. So I think it’s a valuable report far is it puts responsibility where it belongs on the system for processing Refugee claims, as opposed to as some people would prefer, to do somehow blaming Refugee claimants for seeking Refugee protection in greater numbers or those Refugee claimants? What does this mean like? I read the numbers and I think that there their they’re long and they seem to hold a lot of meaning, but what does it actually mean for people who are waiting in that Q? What report tells you is they’re waiting for lengthy periods of time due to inefficiency, a lack of coordination between branches of government and other reasons that can be resolved if there’s a commitment to put in the resources and the energy to resolving it? The cause of death? These are not the refugees themselves. For example, the immigration Refugee board seems to have a high rate of adjournment postponements of cases from one day to another. Those are initiated primarily from the IRB itself. It isn’t who are primarily responsible for that. I would add, however, that In fairness to the IRB, since the evidence is gathered for this report, they have made considerable improvements in their processing 1.18 billion dollars over five years in the last budget, to increase the capacity of the system to help the RV in dealing With these, with these claims, have you noticed any difference in inherited system that had been deliberately starved is government as part of a campaign to say the IRB is broken, will break, it will call it broken and then we’ll replace it. It wasn’t a system that was working very well. The current government took quite a long time to address some of those resources, but most recently has been doing so and I think the results of that are demonstrated the increase in numbers of refugee claimants, although it looks significant in Canada, it is what to put in Perspective that can receives a really tiny number of asylum-seekers. Refugee claimants compared to most other parts of the world, and just to give you a comparison, is Canada receive the same number of refugee claimants per capita, as Germany did in 2015, 100000 Refugee claimant right to our numbers have to be put in perspective. They look. They look like they go up from here to here, but in relative terms, they’re still entirely manageable. If we have a system that is committed to resourcing the IRB properly, I just have to go back and follow up one of the points you made it cuz. It was pretty political. How do you know that the previous government start the system, and it meant to do so? Well, as numbers would go up. The immigration and Refugee board vacancies continue to grow amongst members and it wouldn’t be replaced, so there would be a reduction in numbers of decision-makers and, of course, that backlog would consequently grow that previous government, for example, inherited IRA. But then, once resources were denied, the backlog grew and as the backlog grew, the government claimed the system was broken and probably know at with of you to sing. It had to be replaced with something else in 2012 when they did introduce new measures not adequately address to the Via sure what it, what what were they, what were did they not do what they were supposed to do? What they did was take away. The ability of the IRB, which is best place to manage its caseload effectively and efficiently and replace it with a system native people from certain countries as presumptively fraudulent and then it legislated speed as a way of resolving for addressing those claims system, didn’t work into Waze. First of all, the elements of that system were immediately violating discharging rights and freedoms, and indeed the outcomes were that it didn’t file it kind of discharge of Rights and Freedoms and that imposed delays right there and then the next thing was it decided. Legislating speed is simply nonsense. If you don’t resources, what does it matter? What your law says clean shall be processed in 60 days. They have now resource the system, but I do recall doing interviews 2 years ago where they were saying it was not necessary. I mean they’ve, obviously change their to now and, as I said, the government this government waited quite a long time before it took the actions necessary to address the existing problems has invested in improving the IRB is now kind of switching horses as it were and is Now, taking action to redirect certain kinds of refugee claims to another body of government that is not Caltrain to do it, not expert doesn’t have the experience to do these kind of claims properly, and I expected that is going to create its own problems. If the government precedes with that proposal, and is that the are you talking about the one where, if they’ve landed in another country first or if they’ve sought asylum in another favor, I suspect is destined both to be litigated is unconstitutional, but also, it is, I’m sure, Very confident going to create precisely the kind of delays backlogs and efficiencies at this other body that is now being going to be assigned the task of determining the refugee protection, because they’re ill-equipped to do a proper job of it. Before I let you go, government has promised to do at this point. Do you think that that’s where the ultimatum that the that the Attorney General appointed at the site could double by 20 in the next 5 years, do you think that can be avoided? Turn the current actions being Pursuit, but I don’t know how exactly to make that prediction or assess the validity of the prediction overall, but I think the point to take home is if you want to manage Refugee claims effectively efficiently. You have to put resources into the system to do it, but the liberal, the current liberal government has taken significant steps to doing so with the existing system, for reasons that are best known to them are now kind of resigning from that system and about to pursue An approach that is destined to create yet more problems, professor and chair and human rights law at the University of Toronto. The fact that the immigration system is broken. We heard that today from the auditor-general himself and I’m wondering if the Prime Minister can tell us whether or not he will be accepted the auditor-general, implementing and fixing this problem that his government caught. I swear it was left behind by the conservative system, and work is already bearing fruit. Budget 2019 includes the largest investments in the history of the IRB, fair and final decision. The government is just defending itself today against accusations of mismanagement of the Asylum Seekers file. The auditor-general spring report included some harsh assessments of the current backlog in the prom listing of asylum-seekers. The auditor-general is also predicting the wait time for approval or removal of migrants will double for more than two years to five years. If the current level of asylum-seekers is maintained, welcome back the power & politics in the power panel with Scott play, Tiffany Gooch Francois was Barbara and David chernyshenko Tiffany. I’M going to start with you. If you can about the liberal, I guess handling of the report and what your assessment of their responses, so I think in the handling of the report at this point there they’ve they showing that they’re they’re willing to accept these recommendations and and will have welcomed them And in most cases, has attempted to make moves on a lot of what came out of that, seeing that the main issues here are government departments not communicating effectively as together and outdated technology. I think that’s an issue that exists across all government apparatus to some degree and so Information Systems very much so but true across tonight does start to look at how to Resource this in a better way. I figured out how to arrange some level of Pilots that look at Howard Apartments to be sharing information better, and I think at this point, they’ve taken out as many steps as possible to sort of curb what I an influx to taking place that that they have No control over and I think that there is an overarching peace here that says. I’M hopeful comes into this debate and headed to the global context as much as possible that we’re not the only country that has had a tantrum and it had to be able to adjust to an influx and hopefully have some International Partners to look to you and How they were able to adapt very quickly what kind of systems sort of came into place if we’re going to look at that sort of more more DigiTech systems, and things like that, and I think that there needs to she needs to come out to the question Of how we handle this day, of course in the house, it’s going to be a very politicized conversation back and forth, of whose fault that system is as it started with inherited and how it was resource before. But I think at this point, they’ve saved already committed in the pretty significant resources to it, and I don’t see there being new promises between now and the election. That necessarily shifts the the conversation, and that, at this point says they they canopies certainly not going to be able to please everyone. So they need to be able to figure out how to make sure that the systems working their meeting their International obligations and their compassion in the system in the process. You think Joy, at least in the first year you say: hey all these problems we’ve got is because of the boys and girls in the last government. They messed it all up, but we’re sure going to fix it, but really and totally in a non-partisan. What you can’t four years later claimed to be great leadership, value and still blame the person for years ago, that’s just not holding with Canadian II in terms of the crisis, however, you interpret the famous welcome tweet I sent out the prime minister in fairness. He may not have intended it to sound like a welcome mat, but that has to be addressed as the message is still out there come to Canada get in any way you can and it’s going to be fine, so it needs to be a message from the Top one, that’s as clear as as I’m saying you know it’s not that way. We support immigration, but the problem with God is going to mean huge Blaze list. I take it. That is, that is a good point, but the Prime Minister himself didn’t blast out another tweet of equal value to get the message right through to the masses and then what they’ve got to do is look at some of the prioritizing. That can happen. We’Ve brought real needs in the country in terms of some areas of employment. Some areas of Technology needs. We can prioritize those who are coming in and being put on the waitlist, and the last thing I’d say mean trying to get some silver lining out of this. The Immigrant investor program, which is been used very well Quebec, needs also to be expanded to other provinces, can use it. So, at least these folks that are coming in in huge numbers, some say are regular, some say illegal, but at least ate some of them can be put to worst to get to work. Some of the areas of our greatest economic need to clarify that the act of Crossing is illegal, but they’re not what they are not illegal themselves. There’S no. You know, I know, there’s debate over the words there now say it’s a crisis and that’s why the Liberals have flipped their position around, which is what got Professor Macklin so upset in your claim: Asylum somewhere else. First, in most anywhere the five eyes: countries that that you will then have to go back there to go to the process and instead won’t go through this the same process here. How difficult is this issue? Do you think for the federal government be difficult, because Canadians are really going to be facing a new reality, which is that this wasn’t just a blip? This wasn’t just a group of syrians who we were going to get the Ruby happy Vibes out of saying. Look, how welcoming we aren’t people January themed Canadiens genuinely felt that way, but we are seeing from all over the world absolute surge in out migration of governance issues, conflict, ecological collapse, Fisheries collapse, farming, I’m working anymore. Why do you think these people are coming up in the millions putting their lives at risk on the road to get up to to Mexico and United States and, of course, crossing the Mediterranean? It is all over the world and it’s only go to grow unless we collectively is the International Community helping people to have better lives where they are now. That, unfortunately, is a very big and very long-term Challenge, and I’m not seeing the International Community playing better with each other at the moment, unfortunately were seeing capturing weather is brexit and present it to the South and others as well. So I think what would this government Canadians the whole half prepare for? Is we’re going to see greater demand for migration? How are we going to do that? That’S where the system that wants to at least at least catch the criminal element, at least catch of those who are tagged in some way, having nefarious intentions for one of the better term, people that they looked at 400. People who the by Metric System essentially didn’t didn’t work. I think it’s an interesting point is sort of like the over and Tiffany highlighted about the over as well the overarching contact. There are things going on in the world that led to this. I would know that it took a little while to say that this is not totally normal. I mean, I remember interviewing Minister who’s been two years ago saying you know this. They were insistent that things go up and down all the time and so and Tiffany’s right. They have a lot of resources, a billion dollars over five years in the last budget towards fixing what’s going on at the IRB, but they they didn’t do that for the first little. While that’s for sure it’s such a very explosive file, a politically it’s it’s easy, because it’s very technical, it’s very human. It’S very a lot of things and we’re less than five or five months to the next, a campaign you’re going to hear a lot of things in the next little during the campaign in certain part of the country, namely my Province. Quebec. If you think Tunis cabs in the last campaign made the whole campaign derail for certain political parties, could you we have one of the most used road, which is Roxanne the majority of of The Refuge in the province with or without them, the power constitutionally to do So but it’s part of the rhetoric that we here constantly it’s a big place for the Liberals for their seats. So there’s a lot of calculus and I always say to mix human stories with with Technical and politics is bound to be a mess. And – and that is kind of sad, but one thing that is pretty clear in my mind, been clear for a number of years be at the conservatives or the Liberals, and I even wonder if another party would fare better. It’S it’s it’s so huge that it says if they don’t know where to start and how to solve the the the the problems other than those. Those big phrase go read the comments under the article under the CBC for not to. If you don’t want to read it, but if you want to see what’s coming, go, read it and you’ll see and every media the same type of bad rhetoric, one way or the other
Canada’s spending watchdog says the backlog of cases from asylum seekers continues to grow, as does the length of time to hear each file.
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