‘Australia’s culinary queen’ whips up her next venture – BBC News

‘Australia’s culinary queen’ whips up her next venture – BBC News
Needs to look beautiful in the bowl and the plate, and then I guess my creative Spirit wanted everything to be beautiful as well so people to drink. I love the Starling. I love the creative process behind every book. Every magazine magazine a little bit more flipping a little bit more creative there with my it. Where is books, I think name to be when you write recipes, you actually become a perfectionist if you want them to work, and if you want people to trust that they going to pick up one of your recipes follow it works. It looks great, looks like the photos, I’m glad. I have baking range in the supermarkets little bits and pieces that we just wanted to have fun with really really huge struggle to me. I was quite happy to sit behind my brand and be a person. Just whacking away is little snot us if there was a real game-changer coming in front of the camera and learning not to be so shy and horrible times. When you first duet, I haven’t. I’M really excited and really proud of what we’ve changed. I love the website. I love working in digital. I love the clarity of the pit, is in the Christmas that you get on digital, but I’m still a big lover of PayPal, so I’m torn between the tooth and let’s face it. What I do next to be amazing,
If you like making quick, healthy and gorgeous meals, there is a good chance you have used one of Donna Hay’s recipes.

Widely known as “Australia’s culinary queen”, she’s created a sprawling business that includes television shows and cooking books.

After publishing the 100th and final issue of the Donna Hay magazine last year, she is now mulling her next move.

Filmed by: Matt Leiper, Gordon Parker; produced by: Pamela Parker.

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