Authorities speak after drug lord ‘El Chapo’ is found guilty in U.S. trial

Authorities speak after drug lord ‘El Chapo’ is found guilty in U.S. trial
Maybe if you guys so you don’t block them, but like white in the front, is it one? Two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine 10 stop music expected speakers from the US attorney’s office, Richard donoghue, from the FBI, William Sweeney from the DEA office, Ray Donovan from Ice Angel Melendez and to be determined. If the US Marshals are going to make a statement once again from the US attorney’s office, Richard Donahue from the FBI, William Sweeney from the DEA Ray Donovan from Ice Age, US Marshals will speak New York news vado in Cumming. Okay, unanimity 10-count guilty during the group. Also Donahue, it’s going to be administrator Drug Enforcement Administration. His first name is Foodtown uttam list name is Dylan dhillon b e, a New York special-agent-in-charge Ray Donovan, just like the TV show, the FBI assistant director in charge is William Sweeney. Jr special agent-in-charge Homeland Security is Angel Melendez. I believe you’re going to be speaking in that order all right, they’re not going to take any questions because they’re still pending indictments against the tendons in other districts and then there’s the sentencing that still pending as well., Going to have any comments about that testing testing. One two: three Fiat: the prosecutor’s, the prosecutors on the case will be standing behind the head of the agency. You should all know their names by now. I don’t have the remote for the other agencies. I could study of the US attorney. No we’re going to put out a press release. Shelby quotes from all of those individuals in the press. Release weather today from Homeland Security will speak in Spanish for those who want the prosecution team will be behind nobody’s going to take any questions because of the other cases and other districts that is still pending. Okay, thanks everybody. If I don’t get a chance to say goodbye later, thanks for all your great coverage, you guys did a great job appreciate all your patients. Okay, very much appreciate all your work. Okay, Johnny, Pacheco, ok attorney here in the eastern district of New York. Okay, good afternoon minutes ago, a federal jury hearing eastern district convicted Joaquin, El Chapo, Guzman loera on all counts of the Federal indictment. In some. The jury found that Guzman led the Aloha cartel with the largest and most dangerous drug cartels in the world, and that is responsible for violence, including murders and the smuggling a massive amounts of Narcotics into the United States over. Of dick. It’S this conviction we expect will bring a sentence of life without the possibility of parole is a sentence from which There Is No Escape and no return. Convection is a victory for the American people who was suffered so long and so much while Guzman made billions pouring poison over our Southern border. This conviction is a victory play the Mexican people who have lost more than a hundred thousand lives in drug-related violence. This conviction is a victory for every family who has lost a loved one to the black hole of addiction. There are those who say that the War on Drugs is not worth fighting. Those people are wrong. Everyday. We lose American lives every day. Harm is inflicted on this country by drug addiction and every seizure, free arrest in every conviction contributes to a noble effort to save American lives. This conviction was brought about through a tremendous team effort with in across and Beyond the justice department. I first want to thank just remarkable trial team remarkably resilient trial team made out of eastern district assistant United States attorneys, Gina parlavecchio Michael rabadi, Patrician of the populist hero metham southern district of Florida assistant, United States Attorney, Adam Fels and trial, attorneys, Amanda, liscum, Anthony nardozzi And Brett Reynolds from the narcotics and dangerous drugs section to Washington, together with our law enforcement Partners in the DEA FBI and HSI, they gathered presented overwhelming evidence of Guzman guilt. I would also like to thank paralegals who to aperture Melissa, Bennett, Eileen, Rosato Angel Jimenez and others who fully supported the prosecution team. We also like to thank our colleagues in the United States, attorney’s offices in the northern district of Illinois, the southern district of New York. The southern district of California, the Western District of Texas and the District of New Hampshire for their tremendous contributions to this effort. I would also like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the United States Marshal Service, the NYPD or court security, serious DHS, Federal Protective Service and others who have through selfless service vigilantly protected the courthouse in the surrounding area on a 24/7 basis under challenging circumstances Whose trial has pulled back the curtain on International drug dealing in a way that no other trial has it revealed that Guzman and his co-conspirators were responsible for smuggling, hundreds of tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana into the United States? It also revealed that they were only able to operate on that scale because of endemic corruption. This is unacceptable and it will end. This is the Day of Reckoning, but there are more days of Reckoning to come. We would like to thank the judge for a fair and efficient trial, and, most of all, we would like to thank the jurors for their commitment, their patients and the careful attention they paid to the evidence throughout the long course of this trial. I now like to give you the next four acting DEA administrator Dylan. Today’S conviction of waukeen Chapo Guzman demonstrates the dedication and determination of the men and women of The Drug Enforcement Administration to bring the world’s most dangerous and prolific drug trafficker. 2 Justice. El Chapo is responsible for Unthinkable amounts of death and destruction both in the United States and in his own country of Mexico, Guzman deadly drugs to many American families for nothing more than greed and power. This conviction is a huge victory for the thousands of DEA agents worldwide and all of our lawn for Partners in the United States in Mexico and around the world who work tirelessly to bring this man to Justice. This excessive this case is a testament to the strength of our relationship with our Mexican counterparts. We will continue to collaborate with Mexico to bring down the cartels and the individuals who bring poison into our country and into our communities. It is our hope that this vertigo show the entire world no matter who you are or where you are located, or how powerful you become. The Drug Enforcement Administration will never stopped, and you will answer for your crimes. Play will continue to pursue Justice worldwide and protect all Americans from the scourge of illegal drugs. Thank you. Throughout the past 12 weeks, the American public and the world had a backstage pass to the rise and fall of the leader, the most notorious Infamous dangerous drug cartel. In history, prior to the trial of Chapo, was a household name synonymous with wealth power fortune and fame. However, do I have to trial and in many many chilling witness testimony American public and was introduced to the real El Chapo, a ruthless killer, a violent drug, trafficker, arms, trafficker, money, launderer and manipulate El Chapo was The Man Behind the curtains he pulled. All the he directed all the production, the smuggling, the transportation, this distribution of billions upon billions of dollars worth of Narcotics into United States. El Chapo was the leader of the Senate Cartel Cartel responsible for pushing thousands of tons of cocaine. Methamphetamine heroin fentanyl marijuana into our communities, our neighborhood all across America. Today’S verdict is a v, the law enforcement for, more importantly than that, today’s verdict is justice, justice for the many thousands upon thousands of victims of Overdose, it’s Justice for their families, it’s Justice for their friend 40 communities for their towns, important cities, the Sinaloa cartel is Responsible, a large part for the opioid crisis, since it was a Sinaloa cartel. The first introduced America to Mexican heroin laced with fentanyl, so justice has been served. I like to thank all our partners in the DEA ATF the drug enforcement task force, specifically the NYPD, the New York State Police like to thank our federal Partners, eastern district of New York, Department of Justice, HSI FBI, US Marshals, TVP, and it many thousands upon thousands Of other law enforcement state and local and federal partners work to capture to extradite and eventually convicted El Chapo. Thank you very much. Special agent charge DEA Raymond Donovan next next up is assistant director Bill Sweeney good afternoon. Everybody. Thank you. Today’S message and today’s verticals of powerful statement are both on behalf of victims across the globe and countless law enforcement officers who lost their lives, tracking and hunting. This individual I’d like to express our gratitude to the many people that work with us and our FBI Safe Streets task forces across the country. None of this is possible without Partnerships with here in the US and across the globe. The people standing behind me or tremendous picture of what’s good in this instance, and they done tremendous work to bring Justice for everybody involved. Only. Thank you. Thank you Bill. My name is Angel Melendez on the special agent in charge for Homeland Security investigations. I want to start off by saying today is a historic day in America. Justice 2 years ago, when King El Chapo Guzman was extradited to the United States to face the charges for which he was convicted. Today doing the announcement. We have the opportunity to mention that, upon his arrival here in New York, the realization of American Justice effacing American Justice with sinking in and today we say American justice has been served ending his days, elevated lawn Horseman, ending his murderous ways and his propensity of carrying Out violent acts all the support of his drug trafficking efforts to poison our streets here in our country to reach such an convey. It takes a village, and this was a village in all of government effort. I have to come in the 18, The Avengers, the prosecutors that tried this case for the last 12 weeks relentlessly into achieving the conviction. I also want to come in the countless investigators of law-enforcement here in the United States and elsewhere that worked arduously to ensure that a chopper was investigated, that he was captured, that he was extradited that he would faces charges and eventually be convicted. I want to highlight the efforts of rhs special agent out of our Phoenix office, and particularly here in New York overall Dorado task force in New York City that worked hand-in-hand with DEA FBI, NYPD here in the city and other agencies to achieve this Monumental goal. I want to end by by by indicating that one of the important things about this conviction is the fact that it sends over sounding message to the individuals out there, no matter where they are. Are involved with drug trafficking as a chopper was, you are not unreachable. You are not Untouchable and your day we’ll come I’ll. Make a couple of comments for the Spanish press Corner Chapo Guzman, set by CBN Alarm, Beyonce tropical drogas, acabando sudieh at the Depot Delaware, uneven, Mundial and Phoenix then or are you KY kit shop will take an Ambien on West banana has no, no song is Hoodia. Thank you, everybody. I appreciate your patience and all your hard work.
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