Autopsy results say B.C. murder suspects died by suicide: RCMP

Autopsy results say B.C. murder suspects died by suicide: RCMP
Autopsy results say B.C. murder suspects died by suicide: RCMP
The RCMP are still working to definitively link those weapons that were found with the murder investigations in northern BC. In the release, the police saying that, while both individuals were deceased for a number of is before they were found, the exact time and date of their deaths are not known. However, there are strong indications. They have been alive for a few days since last seen in July and during the extensive search efforts that went on in the Gila Mary. Of course, Gillum is that area Northern Manitoba. That was very much the focus of a huge search that went on. Let’S bring and CDs Public Safety analyst Chris Louis, a man with many many years in law enforcement. Chris, your thoughts on these results coming in, I don’t know they actually commit murder link to the crime scene of crime. Scenes in both cases will bring a lot of really to your soup cuz. You work with the Ontario Provincial Police for many many years, your Redan what’s next year in terms of that investigation, trying to figure out what happened to determining motive. Potentially I’m assuming bullets found in the vehicle or whatever. God Knows Why press release says something else. I’M curious about the fact that if we can go backwards, a little bit that these two were identified as the prime suspect in the case of of Leonard dick, that botanist from University of British Columbia and his death, and also wanted in connection with the deaths of Cho Denise and Lucas Fowler. Does that mean to you based on your expertise, you’re working investigation that something was was found on those sites where those murders happened? There must have been some evidence. Mister Dex from Vancouver area did a murderer, has to be more to it than that for them to have laid a charge might have a trial. At some point, I saw the pilot not supposed to close your behind all this public safety analyst Chris Lewis joining us with his take on this breaking news today. Thank you, Chris is always
RCMP officers in British Columbia confirmed Monday that the remains found in Northern Manitoba were indeed the bodies of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod and that the two murders suspects died by suicide through self-inflicted gunfire.

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