Average Canadians ‘will pay more’ with carbon tax: Poilievre

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Average Canadians ‘will pay more’ with carbon tax: Poilievre
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party’s been very vocal on the carbon tax sir and I want to welcome you to the program State tell me a little bit about what you make of these changes will first is a huge admission and a big reversal by the government kill any jobs or send any industry out of the country today they are admitting that the tax would do exactly that businesses which are already reeling under Trump’s Terrace and Trudeau’s other taxes are threatening to leave Canada if this tax is imposed said its original levels and that’s why Trudeau has been forced to backtrack today but the second thing that I would say is that to you while the Trudeau government has announced it will limit the blow two large industrial emitters like chemical companies and cement plant it is not reducing the cost and the impact on consumers and families so everyday households are going to be paying more for gas home heating groceries and electricity while the government is focusing on the well-being of the corporate sector so we think that taxes should be lower for everyone Justin Trudeau is Raising those taxes on middle-class people acknowledgements are in some part of the terrorist that Donald Trump has been placing on Canadian industry do you think there was also some reaction to the pushback from provinces specifically Ontario and Saskatchewan who said they would take the government to court over this I think our overall campaign is working we have what we’re winning the debate we know the great chat energy entrepreneur Michael Binion has warned the government that if they raised carbon taxes in Canada Hill Drive Industries the Border where there is no carbon tax and where there are less environmental standards than bronica Lee this will not reduce emissions will only move jobs and opportunity out of our country but I still go back to the core Point under tree plan gas prices will go up $0.11 liter home heating will cost $250 more per family groceries will be more expensive and everybody will pay more we don’t know how much more because the government has been covering up the couch Nations that it has done that’s the carbon tax cover up that’s what conservatives are calling for an end to that cover up and for lower taxes for consumers and Canadiens but we have a liberals numbers they come for right from finance Canada will let me ask you about the fact that the economy and the environment can go hand-in-hand or not necessarily independent where’s the happy medium for conservatives we agree the economy and the environment must go together but unfortunately the government’s policies have heard both for example Trudeau block 1 pipeline Atlantic energy East and another pipeline to the Pacific Northern Gateway and as a result we’re importing dirty for an oil into Canada that’s bad for our environment the most environmentally proper way to transport are out buy Pipeline and by blocking those pipelines this government is actually hurting both the environment and the economy we would approve pipelines quickly enforce those approvals get them built so that we can bring more jobs in Opera the Canada which is an environmentally responsible country that’s why we need leadership from the Prime Minister he has to indicate that he will assume Federal Authority for all the permitting and that he will use the force of law including the armed forces and our national police force to clear the way from La breaking protesters who prevented construction we need these pipelines they are legal there proof by a democratically elected government and a thorough environmental process it’s time to stop talking and get building
Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre says a carbon tax will cause companies to move to the U.S. and average Canadians will pay more.

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