Baby elephant still strong after bullet wounds | Animalkind

Baby elephant still strong after bullet wounds | Animalkind
Baby elephant still strong after bullet wounds | Animalkind
Lugard is a gentle three-year-old African elephant who brings up the rear of the heard, he’s an elephant orphan who lived with 17 other young elephant at the sheldrick wildlife trust Nairobi Nursery in Kenya, cute with a swollen and broken leg. After someone shot him in the knee and foot, this is where the bullet went right in the middle of the knee. You can see this this car right here and it went through there today tight, so the whole knee was shattered. As I say, this is a very gentle boy when we are out here. Sometimes the other elephants walk deep into the forest he wants to stay behind. We allow him to do that. Then we’ll keep like one keeper staying behind with him. So that’s something that doesn’t happen to to him his initial injury, but he will always walk with his limp. The staff at sheldrick believed one day: he’ll grow to live freely in a forest meant to reintegrate orphaned. Elephants like him into the wild not be able to wander as much migrating elephants typically roam Pecos to say, hi to his friend. Look at guard has made a close friend with one of the larger male elephants at the Nairobi Nursery Johto and lugard are both three years old, but Johto take read pride and looking out for lugard the same way. An older brother would follow the other group. After few minutes, he will run back to check on look at this look at will find them length trying to push him. Let’S go, let’s go, let’s go Big Boi and it’s almost ready to head to a reintegration unit. The next phase in an orphaned elephants, Journey before heading back into a protected Wildlife Area. When the guard is ready to graduate from the Nairobi Nursery, he will head to special Rehabilitation Unit for elephants with disabilities. If you look at the spine is like crooked or spend, then he’s leaning on the broken side leg yeah, he doesn’t put much weight on it. It’S only when he’s like come walking so fast. It is when you will find him trying to put some weight on that leg. I think that you wouldn’t do before. When then wound healing he wasn’t applying and way to the left right now, when he runs, you can see him putting some weight on that leg. When it’s time to drink his formula, blueguard is All Hustle. You may have a Gentle Spirit, but he also has a strong determination to live a full happy life.
A young elephant shows unbreakable spirit after being shot.

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Luggard the elephant is still young enough to drink formula milk, but has already endured more pain than many of us will in a lifetime. He still walks with a limp, but his caretakers and elephant friends support him all the way.


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