Baby raccoon tangled in basketball net | Animalkind

Baby raccoon tangled in basketball net | Animalkind
Baby raccoon tangled in basketball net | Animalkind
Traffic, pretty good call, Steve, Mama, raccoon size of a medium dog and a wall, and what you see Nexus her stealing the wall with me, because that wall has nothing and for the time she still isn’t it up to the rooftop to get a better View. And if that’s okay quickly, but very carefully, because we don’t want to see Aunt Chrissy baby raccoon skin free but is Mom going to no attack. So you hear me saying it’s the same. I want to see nothing. Okay, I got them hold on momma because they are so dedicated to the young. They will defend them, they will rescue them themselves. They would do everything they can to keep him out of Harm’s Way, wildin wildin at the best for their survival. So we didn’t want interview with the mom. You want to scare off and watch how to turn water just to be calm as possible, while we operating gets Tangled and prevention, so during the whole process is sick about maybe maybe 10 minutes to cut it because go to cut all the netting make sure everything Is off and we won’t leave anything on the Raccoon, so then he keeps hands so the Moon is looking at us looking at him and at one point she crawls at me because I like to get out of here.
When rescuers tried to save a baby raccoon from a basketball hoop, mama raccoon made sure to supervise the entire operation.

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After a baby raccoon gets spooked from Fourth of July fireworks and ends up stuck in a basketball net, rescuers attempt to cut him free without alarming the nearby mother.


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