Baby Shark: The toddler tune taking over your world – BBC News

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Baby Shark: The toddler tune taking over your world – BBC News
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Babies, mommy shark, do do do do similar and 11 years ago. I did the song Planet high and it became a very popular video on YouTube. I think I’ve learned around 20 years ago yeah and we just thought we could be called it before you too, but just for fun Sandia had a million views record company contacted me and said: hey. We want to make a single Auto. That Nursery times have always been sort of slow, very cute, but you know something that would help your children fall asleep as opposed to baby shark pinkfong. Baby shark is very trendy and it has a very bright beam was fun dance moves. The animation is very Vivid. We want to call it I’m K-pop for the Next Generation little songs, but I see what it’s doing. Musically makes it very very catchy baby shark and doing is exactly the same way familiar to us, but it supposed to go to Lou and you twist. So now the Great keychain cuz, it really does feel like changing you on the last stretch. I give the last course a lift, really really hope to bring it to the next level by making it into another classic for kids, music like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but with Baby Shark Song by pinkfong.
With its catchy tune and cute graphics, Baby Shark is no ordinary children’s song, and its producers have big plans.

But the song that’s driving millions to distraction has a longer history than you might think.

Produced and edited by Tessa Wong

Filming by Hosu Lee and Simon Atkinson

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