Backstop indispensable, Macron tells Johnson – BBC News

Backstop indispensable, Macron tells Johnson – BBC News
Backstop indispensable, Macron tells Johnson – BBC News
Mr. macaron, coming to the steps of the palace as navy currently was saying, I haven’t, have a 2-hour briefing with the Nashville International press. At yesterday, words in recent months about 12, having met Angela Merkel for the first time, just want to visit some step for the cameras. prime minister, Deborah Johnson hair. Today in Harris visit to France. Since we talked on the telephone couple of hours, circumstances and your decision to call me to Paris and Buddy relationship, facemoji begun Carabiner history, a long history and their commitment, Richmond cinema prices will have to deal with together, like it ran at the hell and the fight Against climate change, girls, education, the engagement of both our countries together, he’s been constant and remained essential. My position, and disrespected is there and I’m well aware that they sleeping on your mind day in day out of my possession, has always been to respect him. Sovereign choices made by the British people to leave it billion regretted. Had I been a British votive, I would have made a different choice, but I respect democracy and the wishes of peoples, and I therefore believe that we now have to implement. My position consists in protecting and sprinkling stronger and more suffering European Union. This is the reason why I always work so that we would never we can these projects in no negotiations and the decision will be taken and forward-looking. It is, did they make a statement and agreement. A referral agreement with the United Kingdom will not get into the details of this agreement and it does not belong to any member of the European Union alone. Nicolasito to renegotiate some genuine, indispensable going to want to preserve the Filipino island to preserve the Integrity of the single Market, which is Foundation or Peter Pan project, and this is very much. wishes of the United Kingdom relationship, which Indian is canceled as it is about. Building a future going to fight again friends, and they did not loyal United Kingdom that he belonged to the United Kingdom alone to decide about it’s listening to decide about the way you will leave the European Union and the basic talk about the future relationship. We are mentally preparing for all the possibility of an exit without an agreement, and we have already prepared a lot, but I know no matter what the future will, the United Kingdom considering all history and nobody can be European geography big by itself. I can say with confidence by the future: we can prove it beyond the uncertainties that can be those of the present. Ladies and gentlemen, search all the few words I would like I wanted to share with you once again. images to host of Johnson and prime minister very pleased to have you. Your remarks are overnight about. I want to come straight to the so that we can get. Could you possibly in Courage by our conversations last night in Berlin with our mutual friends, and I know that we energy and with creativity and application we can find a way forward for all businesses and citizens for trusting politics that if you have a referendum, then you Chewed act on the instructions of the voters, and that is why we must come out of the EU on October 31st, Deal or No Deal and then, of course, we can take our Take It Forward. I agree with you wholeheartedly Emmanuel that he’s a quite extraordinary friendship at this moment in morning, French troops are being conveyed in British helicopter work together to fight terrorism in the Sahel, as we stand here together, side-by-side that the British troops and French troops out side-by-side in Estonia, protecting the Eastern borders of NATO and when Assad’s regime used chemical weapons against his own people, it was Britain, France, together by the our American friends, who showed the collective revulsion of the West in taking out those camo weapons facilities. First, supersonic passenger aircraft. We built a tunnel under the channel to genomics world’s most intractable diseases in Biarritz that your your chair in Toronto will be a great success. You know the UK and France work hand, climate change to tackle the tragic loss of species and biodiversity in the world education with brexit. It is our joint ambition, UK and France that we should deepen and intensify our economic into penetration to Justice. French buses play The Streets of London thanks to the unique openness of the UK economy is also a stunning fact that you’re beautiful tgvs run on steel Railways made in my pretty steel that I think for the cultural, economic, physical partnership between our countries and I’m proud To say that, in spite of some of the negative predictions over the lost three years, Capital City remains one of the biggest French cities, and I know that to listen to pay you don’t. You will want to treasure and support the hundreds of thousands of British I’m leaving here in front as much as we’d in the UK will treasure and support the 3.2 million EU Nationals, including French citizens in our country, pragmatically uninterested both sides and let’s wait until October And the partnership between us have lunch trading on WTO rules for the long-term, or is it effectively back to square one with Monica chelation and in that sense, isn’t New Deal a bit of a Kang accident but don’t show some flexibility in Berlin last night over the Question of changing the Irish backstop, you should cut to the new British prime minister as well complete. I can be inside there already agreements on on Aviation on financial services and what we want to do now between the next 71 days or whatever is remaining necessary. Welcome signs of of the channel to make sure whether we get to an agreement will not smooth and as pain-free as possible for Citizens and businesses on bedside indicated in the context and the past the political situation all to go. When we talk about flexibility. Well, let me be very clear with you: these two girls have to be met and there would ever have to find a solution that guaranteed the Integrity of the single Market. We have to be guaranteed to the companies to the consumers in Europe that we comply with the rules of the European Union and what is it comes in and is controlled, then their previous agreement, The Good Friday agreement, was Nicolas Cage in this respect and within the Context of the past negotiations, we should be able to do some work till the first question. I’ll, meet you and learn something. We talked about the withdrawal agreement, meditation future relationship and we always handle things in the right order at the border with Northern Ireland. I understand an entire and perfect mr. president, human says: dude put it to cool. What is your alternative? I stop to the backstop. We need visibility inside today, so I just answered us to the reality of the backstop and I believe that they sell. So much is the goal of promise to jump stomach tender October to find out the right solution. If we failed to find a solution or cause, we could not do whatever it takes. The last minute, so we will make the most of it time and initial Bonnie will be confident at the European negotiator. What’S 27 American confidential Collective Goodwill on both sides and I’ll, be there he’s the hot boy invented the group and has made, and we cannot just ignore it. We will have to implement the decision taken by the British people, and I want to be sentence of this. Is what I said to bring and the Panthers Thursday’s, which will be very different from the existing one? It is just that the what Michelle about name, how is it negotiated, can be amended while complying with integrity, and then we can find solution. I lost available and they’ve been discussed at Great length. You can have trusted to Trader schemes. You can have electronic pre clearing of a Goods moving across the border. Repeat one crucial thing: okay, I’ll be putting checks at the at the front end of a single Market. What time did you eat? Let’S get on a date play Greg, Hines and other MPS in Westminster. Formal parties stop smuggling but not have checks of the frontier. That’S the solution and away
Boris Johnson is meeting Emmanuel Macron in Paris for Brexit talks, with the French president saying the UK’s vote to quit the EU must be respected.

But he added that the Ireland-Northern Ireland backstop plan was “indispensable” to preserving political stability and the single market.

The backstop, opposed by Mr Johnson, aims to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland after Brexit

Mr Johnson said that with “energy and creativity we can find a way forward”.

On Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the onus was on the UK to find a workable plan.

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