Bad design: Newly-built bike path in Montreal to be torn up

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Bad design: Newly-built bike path in Montreal to be torn up
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a protected bike path in the plateau that was just built will be torn up and made smaller it’s on Clark Street near Fairmount and it was built so why that emergency vehicles couldn’t get down the street we go to Rob Lori and residents say Rob it’s not bad news it’s a waste well this appears to be a pretty big Mia culpa from the city Tara you can see the median did they build just about 2 weeks ago and it was built so wide it was built in order to protect us White Pass from the cars on the street but it was Bill too wide is what they found out if you were mentioning now the plan promised they would still be two lanes of parking on Clark the problem is that with such a wide medium they found out that Vehicles can get down the street if there were cars parked there any people here worried that would mean he would take away parking spot but instead what they announced is that they’ll cut off the media to make the road wider and there is a lot of mixed reaction from the people who live in this area that’s great that at least we’ll have some customers that are going to be happy and we’ll have a few more parking spots for us the fact that they’re ripping up brand new infrastructure that’s the real disappointments cuz our tax dollars are now being wasted for absolutely no reason somebody should have been accountable for that and somebody should have checked that the work was going on and it was correctly done from the beginning well Tara about the cost I ask to see how much it is going to cost and they said they don’t have those figures yet but that it shouldn’t be too much because we’re only talking about a small area here but other people in the area don’t know one person said was City just learned the cardinal rule of building Hardway which is that you measure twice cut once
A just-built bike path on Clark St. in Montreal will be torn up and made smaller due to bad design.

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