Baker Mayfield is going to ascend into the top-10 QB conversation – Ryan Clark | First Take

Baker Mayfield is going to ascend into the top-10 QB conversation – Ryan Clark | First Take
Baker Mayfield is going to ascend into the top-10 QB conversation – Ryan Clark | First Take
After this impressive performance Ryan are the Browns going to live up to the hype this season, but absolutely are something like when you look at this team Baker. Mayfield was able to do right out of the gate last year, breaking the touchdown record for rookies and kind of the proficiency he played an efficiency. He played the quarterback position with if you have Odell Beckham jr., get Kareem hunt in the middle of the season and think about what what are some of the expectations of this team is there going to be explosive? Offensively is most certainly going to do. Baker. Mayfield is going to take a step up and send it to the top 10 quarterbacks of this NFL of this league, maybe even be a Pro Bowl quarterback, depending on how this team plays and the rest of the quarter he’s also going to be the leader of His team I was in this building in the off-season. I saw the way that he walked around and commanded the respect of the other players on this team and then, when you watch the football, the accuracy, the zip some of the things we talked about with Kyler Murray Baker. Mayfield was the first installment of that. But we watched him do it on this level. This is be most talented, offensive, roster from Asia position standpoint in the entire NFL and the Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, mismatches all over the field is going to be pick. Your poison is going to be a great year. Little Freddie kitchens in this team pulled up to the hype is to be an explosive offense in challenge in the AFC North. I think the heights is Browns right now. Is that the highest of levels? The way people talk about the Cleveland, Browns and in ways the way you’re talking about the Cleveland Browns right now we’re talkin about AFC Championship game, absolute winner of the AFC North short of those types of measurement. I believe this is a playoff team. I believe it’s got to make the second round of the playoffs to live up to the hype. That’S been set for them now and I don’t think Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North to go number one overall Longhorn fan I saw with that. Guy could do against my team and the way and why you was able to do it. I believe in Baker Mayfield and it’s a time. Kind of in the minority on that and I swing the pendulum swing so far. The other way I can’t keep up. in the furthest. Now, that’s quite obvious, they’re going to be good. That’S why it’s out of control the real assessment of the Cleveland Browns is this: they look great on paper, defense still led by a rookie head coach Usher and a type of hype is being right on them is pressure, but this is. This is what you missed. Those personality personality forgot who posted the picture this morning of a rookie who was sleeping outside of the Cleveland Browns facility as it moves. You know why, because talking to people in that building, he’s taking this guy under his wing he’s making sure that this guy is okay, he’s been a great teammate she’s been throughout his career. Some of the personality things we see from Odell Beckham happen as implosion. It doesn’t involve, doesn’t involve the quarterback, it doesn’t involve. The head coach is Odell Beckham wanting to be a better him at game time. Chris Landry, we don’t hear things from David and Joker. We don’t hear things from Nick Chubb, so I believe this person, Natalie chemistry thing – is overblown here’s the other thing. You know why you never heard about him because went number three with Odell Beckham jr. was at LSU when he was going through. This thing’s number 80 walked over and for the first time in his career number 8 he’s there again right that guy is able to go walk over to hey Weenie. Do this. We need to do that. That guy is there to say, hey brother. We are in this together. Afc North will get two teams into the playoffs and I believe I believe those teams are the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I’ve always believed that I’m not out on the Pittsburgh Steelers missing from the height train is this. For everybody that type about it, it’s talking about what they can be on paper or physically there’s the wheel Kings. There is so much coming from the outside saying yeah. We know that you guys are talented, but we don’t think you can handle it from a person standpoint. We don’t think you can handle it from a chemistry standpoint. What happens when the pressure was on? What I’m pushing back on its way? That question is asked: will they live up to the hype? The hype is out of control, and I have now is that the Browns or an unknown, but you know what two known: the Pittsburgh Steelers, even with Juju Smith Schuster, even with James Conner, top 10 defenses. In the NFL that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be there, we’re going to see about the Browns be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Ryan Clark argues that the Cleveland Browns will live up to the hype and challenge to win the AFC North this season, and predicts quarterback Baker Mayfield will enter the top-10 quarterbacks of the NFL conversation.

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