Baseball homecoming leaves son in tears | Militarykind

Baseball homecoming leaves son in tears | Militarykind
Baseball homecoming leaves son in tears | Militarykind
Fourth, Bandon, it was on my wife’s. I guess she set it off. She talked to the coaches and the other teen moms, and dads to try to get try to be able to pull it off. Please cars from my Police Department rated ask orders from Picatinny over to the game which made our travel that much easier in the back of the car just minutes before we got there. I thought it was a great idea. I collaborated with the coaches, the Empire as the others on the baseball team, and they really honestly it was what kind of pulled it together from the United States. I was surprised it took me 1 minute to understand everything. What’S the surprise house, nobody really wanted to play baseball anymore. It was kind of just fights a celebratory day and everybody was just coming over and shaking his hand and hugging Ryan and Thanking us and it kind of just take it one day at a time and one foot in front of the other and before you know It you know, he’s back and it kind of feels like we never left.
Everyone forgot about baseball once this Marine walked onto the field.

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Staff Sgt. Steve Batista was serving in Afghanistan for the United States Marine Corps and hadn’t seen his son in over a year. With help from his wife, and the baseball team, he was able to tell his son he was finally home in the best way.

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