Basra: ‘We shouldn’t have to beg for water’ – BBC News

for weeks now but Sarah has been experiencing a wave of anti-government protests a few days ago they turned violent leaving more than 20% they have taken to the streets because they were frustrated by the lack of public services and anger by perceived corruption among officials and it’s not the right we should beg for the government makes postra check for water shame on them over the past few weeks have set on fire on dozens of other buildings owned by Apes son of Jafar was one of those injured after being shot in front of the provincial headquarters this is the first time he has returned to the scene since his injury by the blood of those that died we were protesting to demand that were right we demanded the right of legitimacy the most basic right available in the west 2018 is for drinking water the always feed Silvestro generate most overall screw. It should be a prosperous place but instead thousands of residents have been poisoned after drinking water and suitable for consumption despite his injury settlement continues to take part in North a demonstration against the government there are no Immediate Solutions to the protesters demands for Safe Water electricity as well as jobs so demonstrations and bustle will continue for some time BBC News bustle
Electricity and drinking water are in short supply in the Iraqi city of Basra.
More than 20 protesters were killed earlier this month when anti-government demonstrations turned violent.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said last week that practical measures were underway to address the problem of potable water and the lack of services in Basra province.
The BBC’s Feras Kilani visited Basra to find out if demands for basic services have been met.

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