“Battleground Briefing”: How Americans view Trump’s tariffs, the economy, Russia probe

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“Battleground Briefing”: How Americans view Trump’s tariffs, the economy, Russia probe
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president Trump has been touting economic growth and half of Americans are happy about it according to the latest CBS News Battleground tracker 50% of Americans approve of how mr. Trump is handling the economy 43% I approve of his trade policies are CBS news director of Elections and surveys Anthony salvanto General survey of Americans all across the country where does the president’s level of support sit right now support is as it has been I mean one of the things have been remarkable through this Battleground tracker and also in his approval number is that it hasn’t moved much at all he’s in the mid-forties the low 40s and the number of people who say that they are Trump supporters. Has remained very steady throughout his entire term we’ve seen a little bit of a move over the course of the term from people who said they were willing to consider it not yet ready to support but we give him a chance early on and they’ve moved into a category that we’ve called resistors they were there the strongest opponents in that way folks who could have moved inside but it shows in overtime not too can you ask about support a huge difference between approval favorability and support and why do we support and what’s the difference between we tried to get here is what it means to you so do you do the person at home support or oppose what a president is doing approval on job is his performance in the job in the office but we’ve ended up seeing is that the two more like really strong like a personal characteristics High job approval and vice versa it’s important to hear in this context one of the things we see is that when folks tell us now that they’re disappointed in how the president has behaved personally and by his behavior on even if they give him credit on the economy they’re much more reluctant to approve of him over all and one of the things we seen in the president’s numbers is that what he refused of him personally have actually had a larger effect on his overall numbers and one of the reasons that even with a good economy with would most be is it going to call me he still doesn’t have over 50% overall approval is that that personal ratings for the way things down Americans come down on it majority that says that it could cause pain for the US economy the big thing that struck me out of it is even when you talk to people who are say they are directly impacted or there in farming or they’re in agriculture in particular they look like that they break along Parson lines so you see them say you know they’re willing to take some short-term pain or they think there will be some short-term payment paid anyway but they still support the president on trade and if you look at their long-term Outlook they think it could lead to better trade deals down the road if they’re Republican and if they voted for it but everybody else does not so here again what you see is look traded a complicated policy right it’s it’s a lot of people too so what do you do at home prove that you voted for what I think it’s interesting that is I mean you’ve been seeing as you cover Congress you seen and we just want to show you know some Congressional members coming out and saying wait a second you know we were for free to hand out now 12 billion dollars to Farmers on their pushing back against that will play out and be a big factor and once again you find most people are somewhat okay with what’s going on optimism outweighing pessimism this people look ahead right we know that for a long time that people have said that the economy is good you know but what I want to watch as the campaign unfolds is how much of a message is that from Republicans and from the President right I mean as you said earlier he’s sort of talking about these other issues and talking about immigration while there’s much more clear divide on that does that motivate the base okay probably does but you know you would normally expect a campaign and a time when people things think things are good thank you it’s good to be running on that right okay keep status quote things are okay the economies okay it’s always the top issue so I think that’s the only thing to watch how much of the messaging said okay the economies good and you see even though Democrats to give the president credit for it there is a percentage of them there is a you know a fifth maybe even a third that will go ahead and say you know things are okay and give him you know at least some of those delete some partial credit and that’s part of the this whole thing is decided on the margins that could be one group you know Democrats are okay enough to maybe keep sending a republican the concrete if we didn’t ask about Russia I know you did Witch Hunt and and Republicans think it is yes it’s a politically-motivated witch-hunt Democrats they say you don’t know this is a critical matter of National Security which of the president’s strongest supporters when asked what happened when you hear criticism of the president he is under more pressure from going for the establishment than other presidents in the past so the other thing is we’ve got people getting different news feeds people getting different streams of information to so we also see Republicans saying that they’re more skeptical about the FBI us intelligence agencies all would show that some of the White House’s messaging on this at least two the baseboards resonating and it’s not people have trouble updating information mainstream media sites is actor of them say that they believe the president is accurate and that they believe their friends and family are a good source of information so this is something we’ve been watching for a long time what everybody I could have beside that but for the most dedicated partisan it often is there surrounding himself by people who are like-minded and also listening to sources were like-minded and so these that’s partly why none of these numbers move it is different though I should emphasize when people look ahead to 2018 and we ask what happens if a Russians interfere and nobody thinks that’s okay
The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker takes a look at how Americans view President Trump’s tariffs, his handling of the economy, and the Russia probe. CBS News Director of Elections and Surveys Anthony Salvanto sits down with CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe for a “Battleground Briefing.”

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