BBC cameraman attacked at Trump rally

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BBC cameraman attacked at Trump rally
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BBC cameraman attacked at Trump rally
What are Trump’s vulnerabilities going up to the 2020 election barosky on Facebook, Rick says he’s awful tweets Bobby says he says, climate change in Festus says it’s tax records. What to get a campaign on then they called me is something to be proud of. That speaks is doing well only says it’s about to go badly. Also the wall, and he spoke about by the rally yesterday. Walzwerk actually is nothing like them for a while we’re talking about. We want to stop drugs, we want to stop traffickers, we want to stop criminals from coming in walls, save lives, walls, tremendous numbers of lives, a few things to say about the media. Let some aggression against the media tweets from the BBC producer. It was in the crown just pending. Mike only thinks the car Mantra schemes was attacked by Trump supporter. The traveling with dolphins were friends. They just needed by Trump in other speakers. Alexa show you the video that they put to that bleach, the lowest level in the history of our country, American Hispanic, American Media, for the British media for the first time. Isn’T that individual are very much on Hammonds as potential lawsuit right there, I’m absolutely horrific, but there is no question that Donald Trump creates an atmosphere where people think it’s okay to behave in a certain way. I don’t think was okay, three or four years ago and to contrasted remember when Obama during the 2016 election. There is that Trump protester who came in and the crowd started to Heckle him and Obama stop them. He said like a veteran and respect that trans he looks like an elderly respect Elders, he encourages crowd to set back from violence and aggression and to use our Democratic right to show their concern is Obama very often, but it is night and day sometimes comparing the Previous put the current one in their demeanor would like this before. This is unprecedented: no prison United States, even while even a Nixon who Heaven Knows, hated the press and threaten them. He never demagogue, and this is what this guy is doing and he doesn’t get because he’s so protected and grew up protected, that there are people outside of his golden bubble who are in trouble and he doesn’t understand and he doesn’t care and I think that’s what People are very tired of, and if there is anybody – and I agree with both of you, if anybody runs to the right of what the base of the democratic party is now and it I understand, and they accept that the candidate they want is the one who Can beat him and if they can figure that out, if they can get Wisconsin Ohio Michigan and get where Amy Klobuchar woman hold on the Southeast done and it’s possible the Republican primary. At least it’s never been done. I mean a lot of these rules that I’ve always looked or historical measures got flipped upside down the 2016. So I mean I was wrong from the get-go on on the whole primary process. But canid within the party has been able to defeat an incumbent president in the primaries and on top of that, whenever they do run and lose that president ends up losing in the general. So whoever does it has probably got to know, but usually they’re going to be well aware of the historical precedent and say I’m willing to do this for 2024. I think everybody suck at this stage in a little bit of sit and wait. You know I’m partly on the Mueller investigation, but good luck. I think whoever runs will have to be keeping 2024 in mine, went right up to the convention and that really helped him in 1980. But you know Jimmy Carter in 1980 had to run against Ted Kennedy in his own party, so same with bush, HW and 92 overruns will probably do it, knowing that they will lose and that the president very well might lose because of them potentially run against. In that, I think, would win in 2024 was taking over the Republican party, and I think the stealing is is that it would be sabotage potentially bringing a very left-wing Progressive for his money in terms of looking to 2024. There are some popular figures, no Republican party that are in many ways the antithesis. The truck I’m thinking of Nikki Haley, former representative is the runner-up. Names in the Republican Party. Do not have Trump like demeanor a Nikki, Haley type person. That Obama was the way they were going to make the Remake that party and they have a large Latino contingent who are very interested in the Republican, but they messed up when it’s guy came over and I think what if he wins, the Republican party is going To have to tack in the other direction, because the country’s changing the demographic is changing and Republican party may have to go back to the and they had a 20 before you came on, which was looking at Nikki. Haley was looking at Marco Rubio before he came on is the future of the party, and hopefully it won’t be a trump hater with the at first. I couldn’t. He couldn’t win in his own Primary in Arizona, so he’s never going to be able to get a ton of movement behind them has been very critical of the president. I don’t think that would work here and await rent. Well, I wish it was present. He was just closing 2012 and a lot of conservatives look back and say wow. That was you look so bad. You know, but it in granted. If someone notably Hillary, had ran against Barack Obama in 2012, he definitely vulnerable. I think because she won the popular vote. She lost three states by 84,000, which gave from the Electoral College they get those States back he’s gone Democrat in 2012 turn the midterm back to the empress and 12 back to Republicans and 14 L, so they’re very winnable. That used to be a Democrat Florida is his to lose. So I think they’re going to move away from Florida and go back into the Midwest hold the South which they’ve God, because their base is 95 % African American women they hold at base and see if they can get into the Midwest. And I got it. I didn’t get a timeout, you could give it to him out in the talk today areas which over Trump could. How can the Democrats organized it’s just explained. She won the popular vote on the ground and Pennsylvania. Ohio Wisconsin was saying things aren’t looking good. Please stop talking about basically throwing out the window, all these jobs, a small towns pens on and she didn’t list it. I mean Obama and grouper, saying to her. We really need to reach out to some of these days holder to go there. She made a wrong choice, that’s a very tragic thing, but that’s what people do and he won by eight better tactical decision. It is also the case that Trump did do something spectacular. We can’t just say that it was her salute if they handed halfway and I suppose people have jobs and they feel secure. So why change a lot of people will be looking they come inside. It’S been pretty good under Trump’s presidency. Dental
A cameraman was attacked by an audience member while covering President Trump’s rally in El Paso, Texas, according to the BBC. #CNN #News

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