Ben & Jerry Are Trying to Flip Congress, Here’s How | NYT News

Ben & Jerry Are Trying to Flip Congress, Here’s How | NYT News
I’M done Jerry, then Jared the people, not the corporation apples, apple pie, Ginger Snaps, you don’t. We may not have the money to go on TV for 30 seconds, but we sure do make some of the best asking you ever tasted, which one you want to Starling. Well, the one I’m on at the moment is ammar, campa-najjar they’re, making ice cream flavors for seven Progressive Democratic house. Candidates across the country are raising the bar, but I thought it was a lot cooler Amar raising the bar. I thought you didn’t like rape, an ice cream around is known for supporting left-leaning closet. Don’T have the same concern for Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential bid and then created a special flavor, then Bernie’s yearning. The senator and National Television. Bernie’S, yearning and selection come to the point. Phone call recording TV spots that are chosen candidates and raffling off the homemade pint. I wanted Progressive candidates that had a decent chance of flipping a republican District candidates who came from behind in the primaries one out over more Corp Citrus County Democrats. We’Re going to add some caramel, which symbolizes Lord commitment to making sure everybody that don’t care Ben & Jerry were not rated as being successful ice cream guy. You know I mean we were huge, long shots if you’re not going to help Longshots succeed or you’re going to get us the status quo.
Behind the scenes with iconic ice cream makers Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, as they whip up new ice cream flavors in an effort to flip Congress.

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