Ben Stein: The Democratic Party is ideologically ‘bankrupt’

Ben Stein: The Democratic Party is ideologically ‘bankrupt’
Ben Stein: The Democratic Party is ideologically ‘bankrupt’
But for some analysis, do I mean I was Economist and former Nixon speech? Writer been a lot of people like about this president. Has the fact that he gets things done operate freely and cheaply, or whether it’s bringing down a price of prescription drug money seized away to do something? He’S got that practical analysis of most people in the business sector that most people in the public sector don’t have right what Dino’s to get things done and to get things done other than calling somebody else’s name and the other side knows to call people bad names And does nothing. That’S knows nothing about accomplishing anything, exactly zero, accepting generate endless comments about racism, where there is no racism. If the Democrats could only come up with that clearly, this the Democratic party is ideologically and bankrupt and in terms of practical effect, bankrupt. We’Ve got to get a party in there and the guy that actually gets things done well in and it’s interesting you use that word bankruptcy, because the nation is is is practically bankrupt. When you look at the debt, you look at their solutions for the problems, which is just as spend trillions of dollars. I don’t think they have a single plan that cost less than several trillion dollars and, yes, the president, just signed off on a spending bill that will increase too much money, the money that government already spending, but not the trillions of dollars that we heard about last Night, what it what’s going to happen great New Deal anywhere near close to going bankrupt from day one we will be literally in a state of bankruptcy will not be able to pay our bills. He won’t be able to provide for the common defense. The Democratic party is is a very scary scenario: we’ve got to have some people in there not to get things done, and if it’s have gotten inside and put his raising taxes on the middle class of the upper middle class in order to avoid bankruptcy, then we’ve Got to do that, but the idea call take care of everybody student debt and not the other cost anything to anyone. It’S just nonsense. You can’t do it, it says magic and it’s not in that magic doesn’t work. Magic Works in magix auditoriums at in Las Vegas. Doesn’T work in Washington DC, but you know there used to be at least an odd on the part of Democrats exactly because the Democrats government is a tool for getting for buying votes, very idea because it is going to bankrupt America. We can’t say that strong enough or often enough, it is possible.
Economist Ben Stein takes aim at the Democratic Party and criticizes the Green New Deal.

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